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   Chapter 1065 Emily's Breakdown

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Seeing her trying so hard to avoid him, Seamus clenched his hands around the edge of the table. The anguish in his eyes was painfully visible. He gnashed his teeth and shouted at her.

Emily widened her eyes. She was frightened, and she looked at Seamus, wondering how he had found out such a secret thing.

She couldn't help but suspect that Jacob had planned it all, and that he had confided in him.

Noticing her hesitation, Seamus was unwilling to let her have time to think. He shouted the accusations he had prepared in his head like rapid gunfire.

"Jacob had cameras installed all along the ballroom and throughout the venue to track where you were!

Bill claimed that Jacob had threatened him to stay away from you on the night he took you away.

Emily, do you really believe that it's all just coincidence? Don't you think that everything happened just too perfectly?

If he didn't plan it all, then how could he have come at just the right time to save you from Bill?"

Seamus's words were like needles piercing Emily's already suspicious heart.

Emily had already begun to suspect that Jacob had recovered his memory. As Seamus said, Jacob had been acting strangely.

The lock of his hair was one of their precious memories. It symbolized their wonderful love.

However, if he had recovered his memories, Emily did not know the point of him hurting her.

"Stop! Can you just stop talking? I don't want to hear it!"

Emily shouted aloud. Her loud voice trembled, mirroring her own heart.

Her eyes began watering. She screamed hard and tried to stop her tears from flowing down her cheeks like flooded rivers. She closed her eyes and clenched her crossed fingers so tightly that they shook violently.

She didn't want to believe that Jacob had recovered his memories this whole time.

If he had recovered his memories, he wouldn't have had done those awful things to her.

They had loved each other so much.

She kept telling herself that Jacob wouldn't hurt her if he had recovered his memories. What he had done to her was surely due to his condition of not remembering her and their love. This assumption had been helping her to sleep through the nights since. However, Seamus was telling her that she was mistaken, and that Jacob had already recovered his memories! Therefore, she found no excuse for his deeds!

Now, Emily was at a loss to find an explanation for his cruelty and horrible treatment of her.

"What's wron

who the other woman was.

Her first guess was Michelle.

Quickly, she confirmed her own guess. Michelle was the only woman around Jacob.

Emily just couldn't stop herself from thinking about the possibility that Jacob was with Michelle, and that he had forgotten about her.

"No! It can't be! It can't be..."

Emily opened her eyes even wider. She had finally descended into temporary insanity. Shaking her head, she kept repeating those words to herself like a robot. Her lips quivered non-stop and they had lost their color.

"Just think about it! Stop lying to yourself!"

Seamus held her and rubbed her hair soothingly. He suddenly felt intense regret for having told her all of these things now that he saw how hopeless and lifeless she had become.

He wondered whether he had taken too radical a measure.

Although Emily might give up on Jacob because of this information, she had suffered too much. He regretted agreeing with Darren and telling these things to Emily.

Whether he had gotten his memory back or not, the fact was that Jacob didn't care about Emily. She would have given up on him sooner or later. Seamus realized then that it had not been necessary for him to hurt her like this.

Seamus wondered, on reflection, why Darren had wanted him to do it.

"Get off me!"

Initially, Emily leaned towards him for support. However, the unfamiliar smell of his cologne made her instinctively push him away. Tears ran down her cheeks, making streaks in her makeup. Her whole body shook uncontrollably. Before Seamus could recover from the shock of seeing her like this, Emily jumped up and bolted out the door.

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