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   Chapter 1064 The Terrible News

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8556

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'But even if I caught up with Michelle, what would be the point?

Can I comfort her as her friend or as something else?' Ray wondered.

He looked at Michelle's receding back with a complex expression settling on his face, and he felt a sense of despair.

At that moment, the cell phone, which was in his pocket, suddenly rang.

Ray quickly concealed his low spirits and answered the phone in a calm and gentle voice. "Hello, Emily!"

He had more or less predicted that Emily would make this call because of Michelle.

It turned out that he had guessed correctly.

"Ray, are you okay? What is your relationship with Michelle? Do you have anything to do with Michelle's photos? Did you really show them to everyone?"

Emily asked anxiously. From her worried voice on the phone, Ray knew that she really cared about him. But before he could decide how to answer Emily's questions, she added, "How are you feeling now? Are there journalists in front of your house? Are you hurt? Do you feel okay?"

Emily bombarded Ray with a lot of questions out of concern. But he didn't know what to say to her.

Her words filled Ray with a supreme warmth that eased his worries. He relaxed a little and his lips curved upward into a smile. He really enjoyed this feeling of being cared about.

"Take it easy. I'm fine!" Ray responded briefly.

"Then Michelle and you...?" Emily asked tentatively after hearing his reply. His voice made her breathe a heavy sigh of relief.

She had been really worried about Ray and was afraid that he was being used by Michelle. But on the other hand, she knew that it was his private business, so she had also wondered whether it would be appropriate to ask him about it.

"There is nothing between us. When I ran into her that night, she had gotten drunk, and I couldn't find her cell phone to call someone for her. So, I brought her back to my place."

Ray made a full disclosure to Emily and sighed with relief at having been able to tell the truth to someone who would listen.

However, he decided against telling Emily about Michelle having been drugged. After all, it wasn't something worth advertising, so he thought that the fewer people who knew about this, the better.

"Nothing ever happened between us. My maid helped Michelle change her clothes,"

Ray patiently explained to Emily. Everyone thought that Michelle was a typical bad girl. So, it was normal for Emily to be worried about Ray.

"Okay. That's good. For the next couple of days, I am sure that journalists are going to come at you consta

ed for her to check it out for herself.

She glanced at him doubtfully and then carried on reading the documents.

After a short while, she felt stunned and her hands began to quiver.

Emily was very surprised by what she read on the papers. She felt that it was hard for her to hold the documents with her nerveless fingers. On one page, it said, "Jacob has already regained his memories."

It seemed that Seamus had been afraid that Emily wouldn't see it clearly. So, he had boldly highlighted the words. She felt agony as if the words hurt her eyes, and they swam on the page as her eyes began to water.

"I... I think that's impossible!" Emily denied with her quivering voice, and she jumped up with a faltering lip, looking at Seamus for some indication as to what his motive was. She didn't go on reading the document. Instead, she slammed the papers onto the table. Her joints turned pale and blue due to the overexertion.

"Be patient! Go on reading, and I am sure the information won't let you down. I think it's too early to say that it is impossible before you've finished reading everything,"

Seamus replied, still with the same smile on his face. Cold sparks flashed in his dark eyes, which frightened Emily, and hesitantly, she sat down again.

"I... I don't want to look at it at all!"

Emily refused, gnashing her teeth. Then, she grabbed her bag and made to leave the café.

She quickly headed towards the door, as if she was running away from a truth she couldn't face.

"Have you ever wondered why he saved you from Bill and then had sex with you? Do you really believe that he just wants to cooperate with Louis?" Seamus asked, just loud enough to reach her ears.

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