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   Chapter 1062 Lie To Herself

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Now that Jacob had already taken everything that he desired, he didn't want to get any further involved with Michelle. Although he had used her to get what he wanted, he had now given her the entire SL Jewelry in return. In a sense, they were quits.

Jacob believed that if he involved Michelle any further, it would only cause more trouble, and he would then owe Michelle even more, which was the last thing he wanted. What was more, he didn't want to burden Michelle with his troubles.

"What?" Rubbing his nose in confusion, the assistant raised his head and looked at Jacob in a daze. "Sorry, but I don't understand what you meant..."

"Inform everyone that I'm going to be holding a press conference this afternoon," Jacob instructed with a huge smile.

His radiant eyes seemed to be emitting a sharp glittering light, exerting enormous pressure on anyone around him.

"Okay, no problem."

The assistant nodded his head, even though he had no idea why Jacob was being so serious, or why it was so urgent.

He then left the room in a hurry, leaving Jacob alone in the dark room. Nevertheless, the cold aura that emanated from Jacob remained like a secondary presence.

At the same time, Michelle, who had already arrived home, was sitting on the couch in a daze. She stared at the headlines on the internet, which were popping up one after another, in disbelief.

The consecutive news headlines were thrusting their contents into her heart like a sword.

Michelle grasped her phone tightly until her fingertips turned pale. Gritting her teeth, she threw the teacup, which she was holding in the other hand, onto the floor abruptly with her face turning red.

"Ray Lin!"

Her voice sounded so hungry for vengeance that it seemed like Michelle would kill Ray immediately if she saw him right now.

She had thought that Ray was a nice guy. However, it now turned out that she had hit far from the mark with him. Ray must have exposed all of the photos to the public!

What Ray had done had now ruined Michelle's reputation completely.

Even though Michelle and Jacob weren't really an item, Jacob might still do something crazy since their secret had now been exposed to the public, thanks to Ray.

What if Jacob pushed her away because of this and to protect his own interests? Then, everything she had earned would be taken away.

Michelle clutched her phone tightly, while her body trembled in fear and anxiety.

She had to get to Jacob and stop him from possibly doing anything stupid now.

The relationship that she had built w

heavy rain. Her body had become cold and she shivered from head to toe. All of a sudden, someone flashed in her mind.

Ray Lin! It was his fault! His selfishness had led to this!

He was the one to be blame for Michelle's misery. If he hadn't exposed the pictures, she wouldn't have ended up in this situation.

Ray had always been entangled in Emily's affairs. He must have taken the opportunity to secretly have those photos taken last night when Michelle was making a fool of herself. On one hand, it would elevate his own reputation, while on the other hand, it would help end Emily's relationship with Jacob.

It was a win-win strategy for Ray.

In this way, Michelle managed to rationalize everything that had happened and lay the blame at Ray's feet for everything.

As a matter of fact, Michelle didn't even stop to consider that she was unconsciously finding excuses for Jacob, even though she had now become the public enemy. She managed to blame Ray for everything, even though he had actually been the one who had saved her.

Randomly picking a coat from the coat rack by the door, she headed out without carefully dressing up like she normally did. Michelle quickly ran from her house with her red eyes hidden behind a pair of dark sunglasses.

She had to go find Ray now. She needed to know why he had done this to her.

"Ray Lin!"

Gritting her teeth, Michelle stood in front of Ray's house. She kicked the door with all of her strength until cracks formed in the wooden surface as she shrieked, "Open the door right now!"

A middle-aged woman, who was passing by on the street, looked at Michelle in surprise and horror, wondering what was going on with this crazy woman.

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