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   Chapter 1060 Michelle's Rage

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Michelle was in a bad mood today. The heat she felt boiling inside of her was killing her. Thus, she struggled to leash her terrible temper. Hoping to avoid unnecessary trouble, she forced herself to calm down. However, Ray's presence was like a dagger to her raw nerves. She finally exploded.


There was a resounding slap as Michelle violently struck Ray across the face. The marks of several of her fingers were left as red, swollen impressions on his jaw and cheek, spoiling his handsome face.

Ray grunted and then licked the blood that trickled from the corner of his mouth. He cracked a dangerous smile and laughed out loud. However, his eyes were red with anger, and he became scary to behold.

His eyes locked onto Michelle and, through gritted teeth, he spoke in an angry voice, enunciating every word for emphasis.

"Michelle, are you insane?"

"You asked for it!"

Michelle watched the side of his face burn from the slap and form red welts. Seeing the damage she had done, she felt really good. Smiling, she raised her voice and explained, "I just gave you what you were asking for."


Ray hadn't expected that she would do such a thing, and his rage flamed sky high. His face turned grim instantly. Suddenly, he dragged her up and said, "I will help you sober up!"

Looking at her drunken face, he flew into a blind fit of rage.

"Let go of me!"

Michelle started to struggle hard, but the alcohol and drugs had made her clumsy. She smacked his arm and scratched his hand. Clearly, she was unwilling to cooperate.

"Just come with me!"

Ray didn't stop. He closed his mouth in a bitter line and kept dragging her towards the bar's exit.

"You bastard! You are nothing but Emily's bitch! Do you want to drag me out and beat me for Emily? Here I am! Come on, do your worst!"

Michelle didn't know what had happened to her. She just couldn't hold her anger in any longer. Realizing that Ray would not let go of her, she just sat on the ground and screamed.

She screamed out all of her jealous rage that she had stored inside her heart against Emily and even Ray.


Another slap silenced the stunned bar patrons.

This time, it was Michelle who was on the receiving end.

Michelle frowned in pain. She held the burning side of her face and widened her eyes at Ray. Suddenly, she was more sober.

Ray's face turned gloomy. "If you don't know how to talk, keep your mouth shut!"

The ne

eathing became heavy. Her face blushed, and her voice was sexy. "I am so hot..."

"Just wait! I will take you home!"

Michelle had lost all self-control because of the drug. Ray hesitated for a moment. Finally, feeling desperate, he decided to take her to his house. He didn't have the heart to leave her on the street like this.

Finally, he parked the car in front of his house. He scooped her up and carried her from the car. After seeing that she had vomited in the car, he sighed and called his servant to clean the car up. Then, he carried her, cradling her like a child, and took her upstairs.

"You make me feel so good..."

The cold night breeze had stripped the warmth from his body, and Michelle leaned against his chest. She had her arms around his neck, and she put her face into his neck like a cat snuggling up to a beloved owner.

Michelle had no idea who was holding her. She only knew that he made her feel better.

"Can you at least control yourself?"

Ray froze. His breathing also becoming heavier. Although he was trying to calm her and himself down, his eyes had darkened with lust.

Ray was a normal and healthy young man. Between the fight and Michelle's seductive behavior, his body had been turned on by her. However, he tried his best to fight the temptation.


Ray put Michelle in the bathtub. He held her in place as he turned on the tap. Suddenly, he heard her sad mumbling voice. She sounded utterly broken and oppressed.

"I really love you… Why can't you see me?

Jacob... What's so good about Emily? She doesn't love you as much as I do! Why can't you just see me?"

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