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   Chapter 1059 Meet By Chance In A Bar

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7359

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Through the dim light, she seemed to see Jacob approaching her. He was smiling gently at her with his arms stretched out to invite her in.


Michelle smiled, welcoming him like a flower welcomed the sun. And she leaned her body forward, wanting to seize Jacob.

However, the moment she wrapped her arms around the man, she clearly saw who he was.

He was not Jacob! This was not the man she missed with a constant ache.

Michelle shook her head and managed to sober up a bit. She tried hard to figure out who the strange man in front of her was. He was fine-looking, but he was a little fatter than she would like. The glint of darkness in his eyes made her feel uncomfortable. There was something predatory about him.

"Who are you? Let go of me,"

she murmured under her breath. She then drew her hand back and stumbled. Drunkenly, she fell on the sofa.

"Miss, are you okay?"

The man was the new manager of FT Company. He had just arrived in the city. He had heard that the best way to discover a new city was to go to its bars. To his surprise, he had met Michelle on his first visit here.

It seemed that God was helping him!

He licked his lips and stared at her exposed snow-white skin with a playful sneer. 'She must be sweet in bed, ' he thought as he felt himself become excited.

"It has nothing to do with you. Get away from me!"

Michelle's head was spinning from the vast quantity of wine that she had consumed. But she knew that this man had bad intentions from looking at his eyes and noticing the hunger that burned there.

"You have a fiery temper," he sneered.

The more she refused, the stronger the man's desire to possess her became. He walked up to her, helped her get back on her feet and said, "Why are you being so stubborn? I just care about you."

He caught Michelle's arms with one hand while speaking. And with the other hand, he took out a small bag and scattered the contents of it into a glass of water. He couldn't help imagining Michelle being tortured and used by him in bed.

"Are you thirsty? Here is some water for you."

The man eagerly tried to persuade Michelle to drink the water. But to his surprise, Michelle sudd

ews about them. But he had heard via the grapevine that at the auction, Michelle had wanted to buy, with Jacob's money, a necklace called Equinox Flower's Pistil, which Emily had also liked and wanted very much.

Ray disliked Michelle's underhanded behavior.

A strumpet like Michelle, who tempted another woman's husband, could never win people's respect.

"What do you mean?"

Michelle asked, fuming with uncontrollable anger. She squinted at Ray, clenching her fists tightly to try to focus.

"I just hope that you and Jacob will have a happy life!" Ray replied evenly, though his eyes were frosty.

He shrugged and then looked at Michelle with a sly and unfettered smile.

But Michelle thought that Ray was mocking her. She felt her ears burn as she heard his words. She thought Ray was being rude and harsh.

"Ray! Who do you think you are?"

Michelle questioned him with a darkening face. Anger was blazing in her eyes. She grabbed the wine glass from his hand and fiercely plonked it on the table, splattering wine everywhere.

"My life is better than yours! Without Jacob, you can only live this way, don't you see? Do you enjoy scolding others?"

Ray snubbed her sardonically and looked at her with an aloof smile. His words were, however, contributing to the problem, as Michelle was slowly losing her mind.

But she may not have noticed that an expression filled with distress and worry flashed over his face as quickly as lightning.

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