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   Chapter 1058 The Comparison with Her

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"No... Director He, were you too busy? The plans that I gave you this morning needed your design drawings so that we could go to the next step..."

Joyce was hysterical, because she did not know what the matter was with Michelle. The only thing Joyce could do was to calm herself and continue to explain, "It's the one for the RY Studio."

"Oh, over there. Take them yourself!"

Michelle rolled her eyes and thought for a moment. She pointed to the table beside her and said in an uncaring tone, "I don't remember where my drawings are."

"It's okay, as long as you have drawn them."

Joyce realized that it was futile to talk to Michelle. In trying to explain, it was as if she was beating cotton with her fist but could get no response. She was too frustrated to continue talking to Michelle and rushed ahead to get the designs.

Still holding her mobile phone cradled on her lap, Michelle gently touched Jacob's picture on the phone screen with her finger. She spoke to herself in a low voice, "Don't they say that SL Jewelry and Jacob are cooperating closely with each other? Why don't you show up, Jacob?"

When Michelle had initially come to SL, she had wanted to use every chance to follow Jacob. Unexpectedly, she hadn't seen him at all for several days in a row now.

She had lost her chain of thoughts when suddenly, a voice erupted, speaking loudly in her ear.

"Director He, is this what you designed?"

Joyce and a group of employees had appeared in Michelle's office. They couldn't believe what they were looking at. Holding the design drawing tightly, they said, "These colors and typesetting sizes are all wrong, and they are totally inconsistent with the requirements of our customers. Director He, if we send these design drawings to them, they will be returned!"

After that, for fear that Michelle would not believe them, the concerned workers excitedly handed over a design by Emily. Taking out several sheets of her drawings and handing them to her also, they continued, "Director He, this is the design work previously accepted by the client from the former Director Bai. You can make a comparison with your own design drawings. Anyone can see an immeasurably vast difference!"

Michelle was not a professional designer, and her drawing was too abstract. Many of her other designs had been copied from pictures downloaded from the Internet. Michelle had no sense of design and her work might even involve infringement.

Although Joyce and the rest of the employees did not like Michelle, SL Jewelry had been founded by them together with Emily. They were more or less affectionate to each other and had created a sen

ght Club!"

Shaking her head forcibly, Michelle tried to lighten up her emotions and intended to go home and sleep. After struggling with herself for a while, her efforts were just in vain. Instead, she became even more upset, so she drove straight to the bar hoping for distraction and release.

'Since I can't sleep like this, maybe I can fall asleep after I get drunk?'

"Bartender, serve me a drink," she ordered and indicated that he should bring the bottle.

Lazily leaning on the sofa and playing with the goblet between her fingers while studying the swirling liquid in it, Michelle raised the corner of her lips.


The bartender served her several bottles of wine according to her orders. After a glance at her face, he could tell that she seemed to be depressed, so he did not make fun of her for drinking alone and wisely left to go about his business.

Most of the people who worked here had met a lot of rich or high-ranking people. The staff had developed the ability to observe their moods from their body language or facial expressions.

"Jacob! Jacob, what do you mean to me?"

Michelle raised her head and drained the glass in one swallow. The red liquid spilled down over the corner of her mouth, running down along her beautiful neck. She looked particularly charming and tempting under the colorful lights.

Together with her inborn aloofness and alienation from others, she was a fatal temptation to the men in the club.

At present, many of the men were looking hungrily in her direction.

"What's good about Emily? You have already swept her out of her own house. Why can you not let her go?"

Whispering to herself, Michelle kept pouring one glass of wine after another, and her eyes soon started becoming blurry.

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