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   Chapter 1057 The Only Evidence

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Louis said coldly. His eyes had sharpened like a wild animal.

Emily saw the cold astuteness in his eyes. Worrying that he might have gotten the wrong message, she quickly explained, "He saved me. Please, don't go up against him."

She lowered her head and kept her voice calm. But the sorrow in her eyes wasn't concealable. She mentally smirked at the irony of the statement.

After being saved by him, she didn't feel the life-affirming joy that survivors of disasters and great tragedies felt. Instead, her grief came crashing over her like a tsunami, knocking her off her feet and leaving her desolate.

"I understand. I won't do anything to harm him,"

Louis replied as he nodded and exchanged a knowing look with Hunk.

In this case, the Ke Family were indebted to Jacob for saving Emily.

Even though Emily hadn't told them about Jacob's request for his favor to be returned, Hunk and Louis knew that Jacob was going to ask them for something in return.

The night grew late.

Jacob was standing inside the house. The moonlight only shone on the lower half of his body, which placed his facial expression in deep shadow and made it completely unreadable. Only the glowing embers of the cigarette blinked within that darkness.

"Mr. Jacob, Miss Emily is home."

A man in black stood by the door. His body uncertainly leaned forward and he continued, "She is safe."

"I got it. You may go."

Jacob frowned with fatigue. His eyes were bloodshot. A sense of loneliness surrounded him, and as he exhaled a cloud of blue-grey smoke, it seemed as if his loneliness expanded further outwards.

"What else?"

Seeing the man still lingering with a hesitant expression, Jacob said, "Say it."

"Yes, sir. When Miss Emily left, she used the ribbon of the dress to cover her neck and got into a taxi..."

The man in black kept looking at Jacob as he told him what had happened to Emily after she left. He was afraid that anything he said might stir Jacob's anger.

In covering her neck at the cost of ripping the dress, Emily had been willing to risk embarrassing herself. It was clear that she had placed more value on covering up the hickeys than being modest. Emily clearly didn't want to have anything to do with Jacob anymore.

"I've got it. You may go now,"

Jacob replied and unexpectedly smiled. He seemed to be getting used to being rejected by her already.

He didn'

or them. Darren didn't want his men to do such work for him, in order to avoid it leading back to him. Bill was, therefore, one of the best "fixers" for him to use.

"They have,"

Jacob simply replied and continued, "Make a copy of all the videos that the surveillance cameras took in the ballroom last night. Then, delete them completely."

He sneered on the inside again.

Bill and Darren had been working together for a while now. They had even started to turn their eyes on Emily as a prize. The good thing was that the cameras had recorded the whole crime and his heroic act.

After deleting all of the camera recordings, he was going to have the only copy as evidence in his possession. With that hardcore evidence, Darren wouldn't be able to do any further harm.

Meanwhile, Michelle had no idea that Jacob had sent people to follow her. The only thing that concerned her was winning his heart. In her obsession with Jacob, she had lost most of her professional skills.

"Miss Michelle, did you finish the design? The customer is getting impatient."

Joyce hurriedly knocked on Michelle's door. With Michelle's permission, she walked into the office, which had once been Emily's. "Miss Michelle, this customer is very important to our company. We can't let him down!"

Everyone had been working on this jewelry deal for a whole month. No one wanted to fail this customer at the almost crucial part of the deal.

"Which design are you talking about?"

Confounding Joyce's expectation, Michelle blinked her eyes and looked at her in total confusion. She asked, "For whom? Is it Jacob?"

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