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   Chapter 1056 Confession

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Emily tickled her daughter. She knew exactly where Beryl was most sensitive and focused on those two ticklish spots.

"Don't you like your mommy anymore?"

Emily teased, smiling. Her fingers continued tickling her daughter until Beryl squirmed.

"Ah. Of course I like you, Mommy. Please, stop it."

Beryl choked with laughter, giggling aloud in Emily's arms. Her tears had been successfully banished from her eyes.

This was the first time Beryl had showed heartfelt happiness since Emily had separated from Jacob.

Bowen had no idea what was happening, but the tangibly emotional moment between his sister and his mommy made him join in the giggling without any reason.

Soon the three burst into laughter, almost rolling on the floor with mirth.

Seated on the opposite sofa, Louis fondly gazed at them with tender feelings. His crystal blue irises echoed the relief in Hunk's eyes when they exchanged a brief look.

'This is genuine happiness and satisfaction. The kind obtained from the affection of family members. It's perhaps the most valuable feeling that unites families as a whole. It couldn't be better, even if life could be like this every single day, ' Louis thought with contentment.

Having been in a state of anxiety, both Beryl and Bowen had had very little sleep last night. Now, drowsiness set in, and they soon became sleepy as they felt more relaxed.

Bowen rubbed his eyes on Emily's sleeves while Beryl stretched with a big yawn. Emily made a sign to Louis and, together, they gently put Bowen and Beryl onto the bed and softly walked out of the bedroom.

"Have the two fallen asleep?"

Hunk asked quietly as he took a cup of jujube tea and handed it to Emily.

"I suppose so, it may take a few more minutes before they drift off."

Emily nodded and she picked up the cup. The next second, a chill ran along her fingertips and raced through her body. Her face became solemn and cold.

Jujube tea?

'By right, Hunk would never brew this kind of tea for me. Coffee is used more often than jujube. This is the first time that he has made me a cup of jujube tea.

Could it be that he has discovered something different?'

Emily thought, and she was overwhelmed with anxiety.

With a guilty conscience, Emily lowered her head and threw a sidelo

o far," Louis explained.

Many of the company's orders and projects had been snatched away by someone else through illegal means. Moreover, there had been a lot of quality issues cropping up, all of which had had some negative effect on the company's reputation, even though they had all been well-addressed.

Louis's investigation had revealed that Bill was the scheming mastermind behind everything.

He had thought that Bill was only playing dirty tricks on his company to gain his own business deals, but Louis had never expected that Bill would put his hands on Yvonne.


What happened later?"

Hunk asked closely, and a scorching enthusiasm filled his wizened eyes.

He was no fool. Emily wouldn't have been allowed to return home safe and sound if she had been stained by Bill.

Without a second thought, Emily nodded and continued, "Jacob saved me."


Both the men felt very awkward at the mention of this name.

How had Jacob been involved in Darren's plotting, considering his heartless behavior towards Emily recently?

What was his real intention for saving Emily?

"Yes. Brother, forget about that. The evil plot had nothing to do with Jacob. I think he saved me out of sympathy!"

Emily said, almost choking on the irony of that statement. Her lips curled into a sad smile. Then, she raised her head and found Louis and Hunk looking at her inquiringly. Afraid that she might have exposed more than she should, she quickly averted her eyes and tried to hide her true feelings.

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