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   Chapter 1055 Thank God You Are Safe

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7326

Updated: 2019-11-20 00:53

She put her hands on her lower waist to cover the broken part and walked out in a frenzy

At that moment, a taxi came.

She hailed it and squeezed herself inside. The driver gave her a suspicious look. She gave him the address of a coffee shop near the Ke Family's house.

She awkwardly kept her mouth shut. She chose to remain silent against all odds. She knew why the driver had given her such a look.

The area where she had called the taxi from was a posh region of the district. None of them needed a taxi to go anywhere. Moreover, Emily looked like a mess now. No wonder he felt highly suspicious about her.

Emily kept her head low and tried her best to ignore the driver. Finally, they arrived at the coffee shop. She fled to the MK manor right away.

"Louis! Is there anyone home? It's me, Emily! Please open the door!"

Emily's hands were struggling to keep her shirt from falling apart. She knocked the door using her knee and yelled loudly. The door was jerked open from the inside all of a sudden.

Emily got to see an anxious Louis stare at her from the inside.

The second he saw Emily, his cold eyes lit up and he held her in his arms without hesitation.

"Thank God you are safe, Emily!"


Emily felt the warmth from his body. The affection and care he had for her suddenly felt amusing to her. She smiled. Her nose twitched uncontrollably.

"Yvonne is home!"


Hearing his announcement, Hunk came over quickly. When he noticed that Emily was safe and sound right in front of him, his eyes watered.

Two beautiful and lovely kids followed him from behind and were happy to see their mother.

Emily had been missing throughout the whole night. Hunk had searched everywhere in the city. As his search efforts had gone in vain, the feeling of despair and worry had tortured him, which had made him look significantly older. He even had some grey hair sparsely growing on the back of his ears.

"What happened? Are you hurt?"

After a big and tight hug, he let her go and scanned her from top to bottom. He was afraid she might have been hurt.

After all, she hadn't come home last night, and the clothes she had left home in w

mile and picked her up. Beryl threw her arms around Emily's neck. Emily felt the coldness erupting from her body.

Although Hunk and Louis hadn't told this little girl what was going on with Emily last night, Beryl was old enough to figure out that something had been wrong with her mother. Her tiny heart had been torn with anxiety, but she hadn't wanted to bother Hunk. She hadn't bothered pestering anyone for answers to the countless number of questions in her head. She had just stood up the whole night, worrying about her mother like a loving child.

It had been quite a long and strenuous night for this little girl.

She had been sobbing while holding her doll, the one her mother had bought for her some time ago. Her little body had been trembling during the whole night.

The second she saw Emily, her courage had collapsed. All the strength she had mustered crumbled upon the sight of her dear mother.

"Don't worry, Mommy is back! Mommy won't leave you and Bowen ever again. Okay?"


Beryl held Emily and rubbed her head against her neck. She replied, "Mommy, if you disappear again, I won't like you anymore!"


Emily retorted playfully. She tickled Beryl by her armpits.

"Ha-ha, Mommy, stop!"

Beryl had a ticklish body. She was laughing and giggling. She tried to stop Emily, but Emily moved her fingers towards Beryl's waist. Beryl was the happiest individual on Earth at that moment with her mother.

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