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   Chapter 1054 Jacob Is Scum

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Jacob licked his lips and looked at Emily with the faintest hint of a smile on his lips. His words contained more meaning than what had been spoken, and he dragged out the last word on purpose.


Emily suddenly realized what he had insinuated by saying that. With her face utterly devoid of color and her teeth clenched until they ached, her breathing became ragged. Then, she stared at Jacob in disbelief, seemingly not trusting his words. "Jacob, are you crazy? It's undeniable that we had sex last night. But you are the one who should be blamed for that. If you ever tell everyone about it, I will tell them that you are the one who climbed into my bed!"

'If he tells everybody that I refused him, but then finally slept with him, then people will consider me a sneaky and improper bitch. In fact, I don't care much about what will happen to me. What matters is that the Ke Family will suffer a fatal blow to its image. What's worse, the illicit deed happened just after the charity party hosted by the Ke Family, ' Emily thought bleakly.

She didn't care about what would happen to her reputation. But how would the Ke Family react?

What about Hunk and Louis? Emily had to take their feelings into consideration.

"Oh? Are you threatening me? Let's wait and see! You're welcome to try!"

Jacob browbeat her. Actually, he wasn't at all concerned by Emily's idle threats. With a sardonic smile on his face, he added, "I saved your life. Did you really think that I wished no repayment?"

"You!" Under Jacob's emotionless gaze, Emily felt shivers run down her body. Her lips moved to form a protest, but she couldn't even utter a sound. The man in front of her had become a stranger to her.

He had given her a ray of hope but then crushed her dream into pieces right before her eyes.

That was what Jacob always did.

"I wasn't being threatening. Is that open to negotiation? Can we alter our deal just a little?"

Emily asked as she took a deep breath to suppress her rage. She tried to keep her tone even and steady, while staring at Jacob without blinking her large eyes.

She thought that she had to try her best to stop Jacob from doing anything that could possibly hurt the Ke Family.

Emily knew Jacob very well, so she knew that if she said yes and agreed, then the Ke Group would soon become his asset.

She had already caused Hunk and Louis immense distress. Therefore, she couldn't gamble further with the future of the Ke Family.

"Alter our deal just a little? Give me a reason! What would I get from you, Miss Bai?"

Jacob questioned as the corner of his sultry lips curved upwards. He raised his eyebrows expectantly and fixed his dark, questioning eyes on Emily's chest.

"I can do anything for you, except guarantee

The skirt Emily was wearing revealed far too much of her skin. Her neck and collarbones were completely exposed to the cold air of the night.

There were hickeys all over her swan-like neck and collarbones. 'What should I do?' Emily asked herself, trembling with fear now.

At that moment, her eyes caught sight of some people approaching in her direction. With a rising sense of panic, she quickly hid behind the shrubs of the nearby flower bed and covered her mouth with her palms.

She thought, 'Right now, I'm standing not far from Jacob's villa. If they find me here and connect the dots, then they could tell everyone about it. It would be over for me then!'

Fortunately, the approaching strollers didn't sense anything amiss, and they walked away while chatting happily.

Watching their backs disappear around the corner, Emily stepped out of the flower bed and calmed her nerves by taking several deep breaths.

Looking down at her clothes in desperation, she suddenly had an idea.

She found that there was a broad ribbon around her waist, which was purely decorative. 'If I rip it off the skirt, some of my back will be expose to the air. But it doesn't matter if I pinch the material shut with my hand. If I put the ribbon around my neck, I think it will be exactly the size it needs to be, ' Emily thought.

It was getting darker and darker. Acting quickly, Emily gnashed her teeth and ripped the ribbon off her skirt. She felt the coldness of the air slide through her skin, and she shivered from the cold.

Emily quickly ripped the skirt. Luckily, no one saw her, for she was in the corner of the flower bed and some trees helped conceal her.

But even so, Emily's eyes still turned watery with embarrassment. Drawing a deep breath, she tried her best to calm herself down and prepare for the journey to get home.

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