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   Chapter 1053 As An Exchange

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Jacob was sitting idly on the couch in the living room downstairs. He playfully threw his phone in the air and caught it a couple of times while maintaining a dangerous smile on his face.

The thought of sending Darren a big "surprise" excited him greatly. Jacob was going to make Darren pay for his transgressions against his loved ones.

Suddenly, he heard footsteps from behind, so he quickly put his phone away, concealing his feelings, and said, "Are you feeling better now?"

Jacob's voice came out of the blue and took Emily by surprise, but she quickly came to and gave him an apt response.

"I am fine," Emily replied timidly, and she lowered her face to keep him from seeing the blush on her cheeks.

It turned out that Jacob was the best antidote for the drug Darren had given her. After one night of intense love-making, she was absolutely fine.

Emily couldn't remember much of what had happened, but the touch of his familiar gentleness reminded her just how much she had missed Jacob.

What followed, however, left Emily utterly stunned.

"Then, leave!"

After giving her a cold glance, Jacob walked to the dining table and started to eat his food. His actions made it clear that he didn't want Emily to stay there at all.

Emily deliberately ignored this cold and harsh attitude. All she could think of was his gentle touch that warmed her heart. However, her eyes dimmed in confusion when she thought about Jacob's attitude the last couple of times they had slept together.

After all, it wasn't too long ago when he had forced himself on her and claimed her as his sex slave. Afterward, when he was finished, he had left her alone in the bed and then kicked her out of the house.

However, last night was different. Although she could barely keep a clear mind, she knew there was a big difference in the way he had touched her last night. Just the thought of it gave her sweaty palms and butterflies in her stomach.

Emily bit her lip, hesitating to say anything. After a while, she finally walked over to Jacob's side and slowly said, "Where are my clothes?"

There was no way Emily was just going to walk out the door without any pants and with only Jacob's shirt to cover her body.

She felt anxious to approach him because she was afraid he was going to get angry with her. However, after what had happened last night, a sense of hope emerged inside her heart and she decided to give

ain from saving her.

"I thought you already knew what kind person I was a long time ago?" Jacob looked away, pretending that he didn't deem her worthy of his eye contact. He shrugged his shoulders and replied, "Whatever you have to say, I don't care. Just remember to pass on the message to Louis."

Emily saw the clear contempt he carried for her in his eyes. Her heart sank. The disappointment felt like someone had ripped her heart into pieces.

"Jacob, I am going to ask you again. Why did you save me?"

Right after she uttered those words, Emily felt an urge to slap herself in the face. She didn't know why she was so desperate to hear something different because the answer couldn't have been more obvious.

Emily couldn't figure out why she was setting herself up for more heartache, and she wondered why her pride wasn't stopping her.

"Everyone in the Ke Family cares a lot about you, don't they?"

Jacob didn't answer her question directly, but his reply was clear enough for Emily to understand what he meant.

Since Emily was the apple of everyone's eye in the Ke Family, by saving her, Jacob was looking to use her as leverage to partner the two families.

Emily nodded her head, sneering to herself. 'Are you happy now, Emily?'

"What if I don't?"

Emily could feel the anger coursing through her mind and everything was vivid and clear. Her voice was cold as she enunciated each word carefully.

"I believe you and Hunk are smart people. I'm sure you of all people will want to keep this on the hush-hush. After all, being naked on Bill's bed is not something to be proud of..."

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