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   Chapter 1052 The Enemy of Your Enemy Is Your Ally

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Dina didn't finish her sentence, but fell silent instead.

Sometimes, it was also a negotiation tactic to hint at the other party to follow up with their thoughts.

Maybe the other side would offer more than she had expected to receive.

"Well, you'll be informed of her being blacklisted in two days,"

They were both ardent negotiators, who only cared about what they could get out of a deal. Dina knew exactly what must be on Jacob's mind.

Jacob smiled coldly and raised his eyebrows enigmatically. He could seal this deal, right here over the phone, without being noticed by either Darren or Bill.

"Mr. Gu, you are the real deal!"

Dina exclaimed, surprised that Jacob would promise to meet her demands so quickly, and she couldn't help but wonder whether Jacob still cared about Emily.

Could it be that Darren had been correct in his deductions all along? Did Jacob still love Emily?

So what about Michelle then?

Of course, Dina had nothing to do with any of them. As long as she could get ahead of Emily and maintain her own status in the entertainment industry, Dina reasoned that they could do whatever they liked.

"Thank you, but let's get to the point, Miss Li. Tell me what you know first,"

Jacob said lightly but with irrefutable firmness. "After all, I have to assess whether your information is worth it."

"Of course, I bet you haven't found out who was behind what happened to Miss Bai, right?"

Dina was supremely confident that Jacob hadn't discovered the truth yet. Darren was a meticulously evil person. Even someone as careful as Jacob couldn't have found out his plans so quickly.

"Darren was the one behind everything. He did it to test your feelings regarding Emily!"

The first sentence was true, and the second one Dina had added based on her instincts. After all, she also wanted to know whether Jacob had really forgotten about Emily.

However, Jacob didn't seem surprised after hearing Dina's words. She was about to ask if he hadn't heard her clearly, but Jacob opened his mouth first and said in a deep voice, "I know."

"You already know?"

Dina frowned in disbelief and her voice rose an octave. She didn't understand how

morning in Jacob's bed.

She had the impression that Jacob was the one who had engaged in sex with her last night. That familiar feeling in her loins could not be mistaken!


Emily murmured, biting her lips. There was a long silence, and her heart became heavier with each passing second.

She searched the room but could not find Jacob. And yet, the warmth on the bed sheets told her that Jacob had been here JUST a minute ago.

Was it all a lie, and he hadn't forgotten about her?

Didn't he hate her, then?

Why else would he still want her?

Could it be…

But after she searched for him several times, Emily finally determined that Jacob had left.

"All right..."

she sighed with resignation. It seemed that she had been mistaken. Jacob really didn't care about her at all.

Disappointed, she lowered her head in frustration. As she slipped from the bed, she meant to get dressed, but what she saw next was even more embarrassing!

Her dress had been torn to pieces and thrown on the ground.

Emily had taken all her belongings away when she had left. There were no clothes in the house for her to wear at all!

After a moment of hesitation, she finally grabbed one of Jacob's shirts, put it on and staggered out of the room.

It seemed that Jacob was not around at the moment, so she could go downstairs to find some water to drink, and she didn't need to worry about anybody seeing her state of undress.


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