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   Chapter 1051 Revelation

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 6805

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When had Bill ever been bullied like that?

Darren didn't even dare to give him attitude, but Jacob had physically strangled him by the neck.

"What's going on?"

Darren muttered to himself and developed a suspicion then. He lay back on the sofa, pensively cupping his chin.

"Is that drug you used even effective?"

Darren sensed the taunting in Bill's words. Bill paused for a moment and then quickly changed the topic. "Emily was saved and taken away by someone."

It wasn't just idle words, but rather a declaration.

There were only two possibilities. Either the prescribed drugs were useless, or she had been taken away.

"You've got the nerve to say so?" Bill shouted, enraged and furious. He immediately stood up and hit his fists on the table, spilling more coffee.

"You told me that Jacob and Emily were divorced! You told me that Emily was driven out of his house by him like garbage. You swore everything was foolproof, didn't you? But how do you then explain Jacob suddenly showing up and making such a mess?" Bill was furious and his voice had become sharp and grating. The stench of his breath floated directly into Darren's nose.

"Jacob came?" Darren sat further back to keep himself at some distance from Bill, while restraining his anger.

He blinked rapidly and felt confused when he heard Jacob's name.

He then went on to ask Bill.

'Why did Jacob go there?

Could it be said that Jacob hasn't forgotten Emily at all?

Then, all that Jacob did before was just to trick us?' Darren wondered.

Darren felt frozen to the marrow when he thought of that possibility. If what he thought was true, then Jacob had really perfectly deceived them all.

"Of course he did!"

shouted Bill. Neither of them were aware that someone was lurking in the dark nearby.

Dina clenched her fists and gritted her teeth. She glared at Darren from her hiding place and muttered to herself, "Damn it!"

Darren had said that he wanted Dina to keep an eye on Bill. But now, he had secretly sent Emily to Bi

ll, he knew that Darren must have been behind all that had happened.

Fortunately, Jacob had arranged some of his men in the banquet hall, in case something were to happen. And he had also installed some cameras to spy on his enemies, but these had unexpectedly captured Emily's abduction instead.

Otherwise, the consequences would have been too ghastly to even contemplate.

"No, he will desperately regret it if he knew that I have called you."

Dina's voice turned sharp and there seemed to be an insinuated intent in her words.

"Hm?" Jacob squinted and said in a deep and husky voice, "It seems that you want to give me a surprise gift."

If he wasn't wrong in his suspicions, what Dina was about to say would be about Emily's kidnapping.

"Of course, but I won't tell you what I know about it unless you are willing to make a deal with me." Dina batted her long eyelashes and her lips curved into a wicked smile as she chuckled and played with her fingers. She then said, "What I'm going to tell you has something to do with Emily."

"Deal, what do you want?"

Jacob agreed to her terms. He had expected that Dina would ask him to do her a favor.

She must be looking for new backing now that Bill's support had left her.

"Good." Dina giggled and immediately put forward her demand, saying, "There is an actress in our cast..."

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