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   Chapter 1050 You Are My Destiny

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7927

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Jacob pressed him up against the wall.

And he tightened his hands.

"Ja...Jacob, how dare you!" Jacob didn't give Bill the time to react. He had already immobilized Bill in the corner. Bill's face reddened as the air in his lungs reduced and oxygen deprivation set in. He swung his arms and struggled to free himself.

When he saw the pitiless look in Jacob's eyes, Bill became frightened. He knew that Jacob might actually be intent on killing him.

"Get lost! Stay away from her, or you will regret it for the rest of your very short life,"

Jacob said with a cold expression as he threw Bill to the side.

As much as he wanted to kill Bill, he couldn't. Bill still had some uses and a part to play.

He walked to the bed and kneeled down. Jacob carefully picked Emily up. He gently held her, and his eyes were now filled with a tender loving light.

"Bill, remember my warning!"

He had the last say, while he ignored Bill, who was lying on the floor, trembling. Then, Jacob turned around and prepared to leave with Emily safely in his arms.

"Jacob, I will make you regret this!"

Bill claimed and screamed while he rubbed his neck and stared at Jacob's receding figure. His voice was hoarse from the chokehold but soaked in evil.

Bill now considered Jacob as his enemy. Trying to avoid an unnecessary mess, Bill hadn't done anything to Jacob yet.

Now, Jacob had crossed the line and offended him. Bill wouldn't mind paying him a "nice" visit. Besides, it was really strange for Jacob to be so protective towards his ex-wife.

Bill certainly found this strange. And an evil plan entered his mind. Bill sat on the chair and stared at the messy floor. A huge and cunning smile formed on his rotund face.

A trap had been set and now waited for Jacob to walk in. But Jacob wasn't aware that he was the target.

Even if Jacob knew about it, he wouldn't care. After all, trash like Bill didn't really concern him much.

"Hot..." Emily mumbled, curling her arms around Jacob's neck. In his arms, she kept writhing her body as the drug heightened her sexual urges. His body temperature cooled her heat and made her feel really good.


Jacob said gently, but his voice was sultry. Emily had slipped her hands inside his shirt. She was about to take his shirt off. Jacob's eyes turned darker, and he held her fingers, trying to stop

ed on private grounds, his voice would probably have drawn a lot of people's attentions.

"Why are you here?"

Darren frowned unpleasantly. He pulled a long face, and his voice deepened in apprehension. He quickly let Bill in and looked around carefully before closing the door.

"Don't worry. No one followed me."

Bill uncaringly waved his hand. He moved his neck left and right to alleviate the pain from the throttling that Jacob had given him. Then, he sat on the couch and took a slug of coffee from the steaming mug on the table like he was in his own house.

Some coffee drooled down his chin and stained his white shirt, eventually forming a big stain.

Bill glanced at the stain and wiped his chin with his hand. Then, he stared angrily at Darren.

"What a half-assed job you did!"

Crossing his arms, Bill looked at Darren like a creditor who had come to collect his money.

"What's going on?"

A trace of hatred flashed in Darren's eyes. He twitched his lips and cracked a cold smile. Concealing the hatred he felt towards Bill, he spoke calmly.

Darren thought about it. According to his plan, Emily should have been taken to Bill's bed, and Bill should have been busy having his fun with her. However, Bill was here with a critical and aggrieved attitude. Darren figured that something must have happened.

"What's going on? You promised me that I'd spend a night with Emily! But guess what?"

Just mentioning it had already lit up the anger inside him. Bill couldn't possibly gnash his teeth hard enough to express his indignation and rage.

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