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   Chapter 1049 The Beauty Was Rescued By A Hero

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With a seriously cold look on her face, Emily picked up the pillow beside her and smashed it into Bill's face. At this moment, she had calmed down after her initial shock, but she still felt dizzy and disoriented from the drugs Darren had used on her. Biting the tip of her tongue with her teeth, she tried to sober herself up with the sharp pain, and she carefully took in her surroundings, looking for a way out.

This seemed to be a hotel room somewhere above the third floor, so it was impossible for her to jump out from the window. The only way she could escape the room, and the sex-crazed Bill, was through the door, but it was locked and dead-bolted. In this case, the nearest hiding place was the bathroom to her left.

Pursing her lips tightly, Emily racked her brains for a solution to this dangerous situation.

If she dashed into the bathroom and locked the door behind her, she should be able to protect herself, at least temporarily. However, once the door was kicked open, not only would she lose her only refuge, but she would also infuriate Bill. So, she would keep that option as a last resort.

"Oh, you're stubborn, but I'll make you obey me today!"

Bill said as he grinned at Emily, who was staring at him with watchful eyes. With a lewd smile, he assumed a beastly position as he tore off his trousers and underwear, exposing his swollen genitals to her.

Emily was stunned and felt very disgusted by his wild and uncivilized behavior.

Bill rushed at Emily, trying to grab her by the shoulders and pin her down.

That way, he would be able to control her completely and do whatever he wanted to her.

"Stay away from me!"

Emily almost stopped breathing as she looked at Bill in fear while trembling. As a last thought, she pulled off the bed's quilt and hurled it at him. In the moment that his view was blocked by the flying quilt, she quickly jumped out of the bed and ran into the bathroom.

All she wanted now was to escape from him.


Rejected by Emily, Bill seemed to feed on her fear, and his desire to conquer her was completely aroused as a lustful smile appeared on his thick lips. Then, with a sinister look, he kicked the door hard. He would not be denied by a thin, glass panel door.

Since the glass door was fragile, a few cracks appeared after only a few kicks.

"What's the matter?"

Hiding in a corner, Emily suddenly felt sick. She could feel a dry heat rising up from her lower abdomen, and her body temperature seemed to have been raised a lot. Feeling parched, she licked her lips gently with her tongue. She had been able to keep calm until now, but suddenly, she felt a surge of unquenchable sexual desire.

With a puzzled expression, she got

n hatred. However, Jacob didn't have a close relationship with Emily anymore, and things were complicated.

"You'd better get out of here, before I decide to beat you to a pulp. Otherwise, you'll pay for what you were about to do,"

Jacob said as he pointed at the door, and his dark eyes were bloodthirsty orbs of cold rage.

Since Jacob was worried about the still unmoving Emily, he would not waste his time dealing with Bill at the moment. Otherwise, he would have taken his time to kill Bill.

"Oh, I don't understand why you're upset. If I remember correctly, you and Emily have already gotten divorced, right?"

At that moment, Bill had calmed himself after his initial panic. With a significant smile, he picked up the bathrobe from the ground and wrapped it around his huge body. Then, he looked at Jacob in a strange way and said, "She's just your ex-wife, and it's ridiculous that you still care about her so much.

But, if you're really obsessed with her, surely you can wait until I have had my time with her. I have the right to do so."

Now, Bill had a strong background, which made him act scornful of Jacob. Although he dared not hit Jacob, he decided to mock him relentlessly.

After saying that, Bill shook his head arrogantly and moved over to Emily, intending to have sex with her in front of Jacob's face!

"Just get out of my face!" Bill said over his shoulder and arrogantly turned his back to Jacob.

Jacob gritted his teeth, trying to restrain his violent urges as there was an unquenchable rage boiling in his red eyes. Looking at Bill's back, Jacob felt so furious that he instantly stepped forward, grabbed Bill's arm and wrapped his hands around Bill's neck, just below his blubbering double chin. Jacob seemed intent on choking the life out of the offensive defiler.

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