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   Chapter 1047 Bringing A Gift To Yvonne

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 9547

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"Yvonne, since you like the Equinox Flower's Pistil so much, let's just outbid everyone for it. Don't worry. Although we have only recently returned home, we will never be bullied by others by any means. Don't be afraid. Whatever you want, Father and I will do anything within our power to get it for you!"

Louis thought that the reason why Emily wanted to give up on bidding on the Equinox Flower's Pistil was that Jacob's appearance at the auction had reminded her of some unpleasant things in their past. Believing that, he lowered his eyes and gently patted Emily on her shoulder with his warm and strong hand. His soft eyes sparkled reassuringly and they were as clear as the stars. Hearing Louis's words, Emily suddenly felt at peace once more.

After comforting Emily, Louis wanted to continue to raise his numbered board to counter-bid on the Equinox Flower's Pistil. The hostess of the auction looked at the bidding parties from the platform and sensed the fight brewing between the two groups, so she stood there with an awkward expression. She didn't know whether she should declare that Darren had won the auction or wait for Louis to continue bidding.

After all, the Ke Group was the organizer of this auction, so none of the staff dared to raise any objections. They knew clearly that there were many people in the fast-paced bidding industry who wanted to see them make a grievous mistake such as underbidding a sale, so she was alert enough not to fall into this trap.

"No, it's not like that! Louis, I just lost interest in it all of a sudden,"

Emily said with a firm and decisive voice as she nodded her head gently. She held Louis's hand with gratitude, for she knew that Louis had wanted to fight for her, so she felt a tinge of warmth in her heart.

Turning to the platform, Emily signaled to the hostess of the auction and silently shook her head, declining further bidding, with her lips slightly pursed.

Hunk, who was sitting by Emily's side, lowered his eyes and took a long look at Emily. He could see her resolution on the matter. Then, he took a meaningful look at Darren and raised his hand to stop Louis from bidding further.

Obviously, Hunk was hinting to Louis that he agreed with Emily's request to stop.

After Louis stopped bidding, Jacob, who had been eager to compete with Darren, also reluctantly gave up with his lips curled up mysteriously, as if everything had been settled between them, and then he too put down his bidding card.

"Okay. Twenty million once! Twenty million twice! Twenty million thrice! Sold to Mr. Darren!"

After the hostess of the auction hit the gavel, she set down the hammer, and Dina, who was sitting next to Darren, arched her eyebrows with pride. With her red lips curled up victoriously, a coquettish smile flashed on her beautiful face. She gently leaned against Da

ld just barely hear him and hadn't clearly seen who the newcomer was.

Thinking of this, Emily felt as if something heavy had fallen onto her heart. Nevertheless, she came back to her senses. She turned around with a polite yet cold smile on her face and answered, "Hello, Mr. Darren. Why aren't you attending the auction and enjoying your purchase in the banquet hall?"

According to her observation of the events leading up to now, Darren had won the bidding on the Equinox Flower's Pistil. So, she was curious as to why he wasn't showing off in the exhibition hall at this time. Why had he come out here to talk to her?

Did he want to show off in front of her?

"Well. You mean this?"

Darren chuckled with a light and mirthless sound while raising his eyebrows. At the same time, he raised his hand to show Emily something, and as he opened his fist, a bright shining necklace tumbled down to hang suspended from his fingers.

It was the Equinox Flower's Pistil dangling from his grasp.

"Congratulations, Mr. Darren!"

Emily felt that Darren was acting a little strangely today, but she couldn't tell exactly why. His eyes were dark and deep, yet with an attractive look to them.

In the past, Emily could always sense what Darren wanted to do by looking into his eyes, but today, she felt that his stare was much more complex. It seemed that he was really interested in talking to her…

Emily was frightened by that idea when it came to her mind. She couldn't help feeling intimidated and slightly alarmed, so she involuntarily took a few steps back.

She knew that when people behaved abnormally, it might be extremely dangerous to approach them. She was alert enough to sense the potential for danger.

"Why are you so afraid of me, Miss Emily?" I just heard that you liked the Equinox Flower's Pistil very much, so I wanted to bid on it and give it to you. Here you are."

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