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   Chapter 1046 The Third Person Joined The Party

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8247

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Michelle was overcome by mad jealousy when she found out that Louis was going to bid on that necklace for Emily. Her first attempt at asking Jacob for the necklace was rather tentative, but much to her surprise, Jacob simply nodded his head in agreement.

The unexpected response from Jacob left her eyes dancing with excitement.

"Did Michelle just bid on it?"

Rita muttered under her breath. She cast a brief glance at Michelle and narrowed her eyes unpleasantly. However, in consideration of all the people present, she thought it would be better for her to keep quiet for now.

This particular necklace was specially made for Emily. Why Michelle would want to ruin the smile on Emily's face was a question that Rita asked herself.

All the while, Michelle completely ignored Rita, averting her eyes to avoid making eye contact. She gently shook Jacob's arm and asked him to bid again, pursing her glossy red lips into a pout.

"Six million!"

shouted Louis. What resided in his eyes at the moment was pure unadulterated anger. He curled his lips and shot Jacob a deathly cold stare.

"Seven million!"

Jacob replied as he shrugged his shoulders and raised his brows. He looked back at Louis with a flicker of amusement in his cold eyes.

The number caused an uproar in the crowd.

Everyone gasped and covered their wide-open mouths with their hands in pure astonishment. Suddenly, pin-drop silence fell over the crowd as everyone exchanged puzzled glances.

It quickly became obvious to everyone that this auction for a necklace was just as excuse for these rich families to establish their dominance over each other. The richest men in Jingshi City were, in fact, fighting over a woman. This was easily considered as one of the biggest news of the year.


Rita called out David's name, gnashing her teeth together as she grabbed his hands tight. The calm expression she usually had on her face was replaced by anger. If David weren't there to stop her, she would have confronted Michelle by now.

"We should bid on it too!"

Rita raised her hand up, clearly enraged, and shouted, "Eight million!"

This sudden turn of events both shocked and amazed those who were present. The item on auction was no longer the object they were all fighting for. They just wanted to win. Clearly, none of them was short for money. The question was, how much were they willing to spend on it?

Louis was bidding to reclaim Emily's ownership

However, it was worth ten million dollars at the most. It certainly wasn't worth what they were bidding for. Moreover, the price was only going to go up. This was going to be a big expense for the Ke Family, and Emily didn't think it was really necessary.

More importantly, since Jacob wanted to buy it for Michelle, Emily didn't see the point in ruining their moment. Perhaps that necklace would look better on Michelle's neck than hers.

"Don't worry about it. I will get it for you. It's not a big deal. We can handle the cost without a worry!"

Louis looked at her confidently. All of a sudden, he turned his head around to look at Jacob and smiled at him disdainfully.

Louis wanted to find out what Jacob was really made of.

"Fifteen million!"

Jacob said.

It seemed that he was willing to accept Louis's challenge. "Twenty..."

"Twenty million!"

Before Louis could announce his bid, a voice came from a corner, breaking the silence.

It was a deep and captivating voice.

The spotlight chased the source of the voice and landed on Darren. With a smile on his face, he raised his eyebrows as he stood with Dina in his arms. He tipped his glass of wine at Louis and moved his lips without making a sound. "That necklace is mine."

Everyone wondered why Darren had suddenly joined the party.

His unexpected voice silenced the entire room.

This was a fight between the Ke Family and the Gu Family. Now, Darren had stepped in.

"Twenty-five million..."


Before Louis could raise his hand, Emily pressed his arm down. She looked at him with tears in her eyes and said, "Don't! I don't want it!"

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