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   Chapter 1045 A Necklace Called Equinox Flower's Pistil

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"Today, Emily has officially become a member of the Ke Family. Yvonne Ke is her new name. Please, remember her new name and don't make a mistake in using it, ever."

"Don't forget, she is my daughter, Yvonne!"

Hunk said loud and coldly while clenching his fists. His sharp eyes emitted a powerfully authoritarian aura.

He was an old man who had accumulated a tremendous wealth of experience. His public persona was different from Jacob's and Darren's. Danger sparkled in Hunk's eyes, frightening everyone present.

Although Hunk said it to everyone, Jacob knew it was a warning aimed at him.

The warning had nothing to do with any of the others.

It seemed it was Hunk who had asked Louis to warn him several days ago.

Everyone knew Hunk was kind and fair-tempered, because he believed that amiability attracted riches. No one had ever seen him be so angry. The assembled audience knew what he meant.

Everyone present began whispering.

"It seems that Hunk is here on Emily's behalf."

"Yes, Emily was driven out by Jacob. Hunk must have been enraged by it."

"I believe no one dares to speak any further ill of Emily. The Ke Family isn't lower than the Gu Family. Emily's hard times are finally over."

"Yvonne, come here."

Hunk didn't know whether Jacob would take his words to heart or how he would react. But it didn't matter. What mattered was that Jacob understood that the Ke Family wouldn't allow him to hurt Yvonne again.

He would protect his daughter, no matter what it would cost him.

Hunk kindly looked at Emily, whose eyes were watery, and he waved at her in encouragement.

"Dad..." said Emily in a weak voice.

She looked at Hunk, noting his wrinkled face and thinning white hair. He was trying his best to protect her, even if it meant opposing the Gu Family.

Emily knew that even if she had offended all the people in the arctic circle, Hunk and Louis wouldn't blame her for it. They would only choose to side with her.

Thinking of that, Emily felt her heart achi

d to be the seal of a mermaid in the gemstone. But the gemstone still looked limpid with its white edge. Despite that, its beauty was magnificent!

Everyone present was stunned and several gasps sounded.

"It is the necklace Dad mentioned. Do you like it?"

asked Louis. The moment he finished speaking, Emily nodded her head and stared at Louis with big expectant eyes.

Louis couldn't help but laugh as he responded, "Dad nailed it. He knew you would like it."

He was deeply relieved to confirm that Emily loved the necklace. He had worried that nothing would catch her eye at the auction.

The aim was to make Emily relaxed and happy. Since Emily liked the necklace, Louis would buy it for her. Hence, he raised his bidding plate and broke the silence.

"Four million."

Louis was willing to add one million to that if required.

A few prospective buyers who wanted to buy the necklace looked at one another miserably, and then they all put down their hands.

Obviously, the Ke Family had decided to buy the necklace to please Emily. They didn't want to compete against the Ke Family. They didn't mind doing the Ke Family a favor that would cost them nothing.

However, suddenly, a man said, "Five million."

"Jacob, you are so nice to me,"

Michelle said, staring at Jacob's face as a wicked grin formed on her face.

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