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   Chapter 1044 The Man In The Dark

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Michelle glared at Emily contemptuously and her arrogance, which had been effectively suppressed, resurfaced again in an instant.

Despite Rita being Michelle's sister, the person she really cared about was Emily, which was really irksome.

David was standing next to Rita and only greeted Jacob courteously, as if he did not notice Michelle.

After a short exchange of pleasantries, Rita turned to Michelle again and glared at her with her fury effectively concealed.

"Michelle, why are you here?"

Rita questioned Michelle in a chillingly firm tone. David wanted to comfort and calm her down, but Rita stared back at him, visibly irritated.

Rita was aware of the fact that Michelle had arrived here accompanying Jacob. They looked so close and intimate that it made Rita very uncomfortable. She wanted to slap Michelle repeatedly, as a punishment for stealing Jacob from Emily.

"What does that have to do with you? Who do you think you are? My sister? You don't deserve to be my sister at all!"

Michelle retorted aggressively.

She had thought that Rita would admit to her mistakes, beg for forgiveness and attempt to make up with her. She had not expected that Rita would talk and laugh with this bitch Emily and treat her like she didn't exist at all.

Michelle wasn't dependent on her sister or anyone else. For the past two decades, she had lived on her own without anyone caring for her or her emotions. Hence, she didn't really think she had to care about Rita's feelings either.

"You! You little..."

Rita was obviously angry. She was apprehensive about the effects her anger might have on the baby in her stomach. She had to suck it up. But David interrupted, "Michelle, please sit down. She's just a little upset. Give her some time."

David sounded very calm, restraining all urges to create a scene. But there was an inexplicable emotion in his eyes.

Although Rita didn't bother to publicly talk about Michelle's immoral conduct, everyone present around them was aware of it. Even though Rita tried to conceal her anger, Michelle still felt that she was being unfairly attacked by Rita.

She was visibly stunned by Rita's accusation.

She knew her sister very well. Moreover, Rita's reactions meant that she could not just let Michelle and Jacob's affair continue to flourish vividly.

"Who do you think you are to order

. It was obvious to him that someone was trying to get their hands on Emily.

He was worried, so he came out of the hall hastily. He was worried that someone would eventually figure out that his amnesia was a lie and try to hurt Emily. But after inspecting the corridor outside the hall, he did not find anyone or anything suspicious.

It was as if the person had disappeared into thin air.

He frowned in frustration while biting his lips.

Had he really made a mistake?

It couldn't be...

"Well, it's almost time. I'm glad you can all attend today's charity party."

While he wanted to continue with his search, the light above the central podium was switched on, and then came Hunk's loud and firm voice.

To direct everyone's attention to the objects being auctioned off, the central light was turned on and the lights around it were dimmed.

Jacob couldn't see clearly in the dark, so he gave up his plan, returned to the hall and settled down.

It might have been a coincidence that even though the seat Jacob had chosen just now was the farthest away from Emily, it was also at the perfect angle to keep an eye on Emily and co.

"Today's charity party is being held mainly because I have something to announce."

Hunk scanned the audience like a hawk, intimidating everyone his eyes fell on.

Suddenly, Hunk stopped his moving gaze, and his eyes went straight to Jacob. Even though it was dark, he spotted Jacob by the weak light radiating from above the podium. Jacob's presence startled Hunk. His confident and intimidating face suddenly fell.

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