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   Chapter 1043 Four Children

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How could she, Emily, possibly think that she could tell her what to do?


Michelle walked up to Louis because she thought that she had Jacob's backing; her eyes were overflowing with contempt. She stood up straight in front of Louis, aggressively glaring at him.

She said, "I've never heard of an elder brother acting as a dancing partner for his sister. The reason why you'd do that for Emily must be because you are embarrassed.

It was true that guests at evening parties usually brought their own partners. But they seldom came with their siblings. Therefore, it was quite reasonable for Michelle to mock them for that. She was echoing the sentiments of the crowd.


Emily felt embarrassed, and as the blood in her veins pumped faster, it carried intense pain all over her body. She pulled urgently at Louis's sleeve and whispered to him, "I don't want to stay here. Let's go somewhere else."

"I think you forgot something."

Louis chuckled and helped Emily put on the coat that had slipped off her shoulders. He rested his hands reassuringly on her shoulders.

Emily was confused but she sat down as he asked.

She kept her eyes on the floor and remained silent.

Louis glared straight at Michelle with anger and hatred blazing in his eyes as he said, "Tonight's charity party is being hosted by us, so you can leave if you are not comfortable staying here. I'm sure Jacob won't object to that."

His cold and sharp-edged words left Michelle speechless.

Jacob saw Michelle looking at him desperately, wanting to ask him for help. But he just chuckled and did nothing.

His indifferent reaction obviously showed that he approved of what Louis had just said.

Michelle's body tensed up, and the smile on her face disappeared. She glared at Louis with anger but dared not say anything more.

She had intended to cause a scene in front of Emily because she had thought that Jacob would back her. But she had never even considered that Louis woul

se him through the look in his eyes. He pursed his lips pensively and fought against the urge to see her.


But he couldn't look up there, he couldn't look at her. That would put Emily at risk!

Among all of those present here, only Michelle, leaning closely against Jacob, felt his mood shift.

"She seems to like you. Why don't you become her godmother?"

Rita held Emily's hands and asked for Emily's opinion with great love and care in her eyes.

She didn't know what else to say to Emily as an outsider. But Rita had accompanied Emily all the way, and she knew the exact depth of Emily's affection for Jacob.

Rita couldn't judge who was wrong because only Jacob and Emily knew and had suffered the obstacles and hardships that life had thrown at them. Only they could know what was wrong with their relationship. She couldn't blame Jacob, who had lost all his memory before the divorce. Her heart ached for Emily, but there was nothing she could do.

As for Michelle, she shouldn't have fallen in love with someone who didn't belong to her.

"Good... Then I'll have four kids: Dylan... Beryl... Bowen... And the little one you are carrying now!"

Emily sensed Rita's sympathy for her and felt warmed by it. She gently smiled and hugged Rita, and then she helped Rita walk over to the sofa and sit down.

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