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   Chapter 1042 Coming Into Unavoidable Confrontation

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8033

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Emily was very beautiful, but Jacob did not know how to appreciate her.

Louis smiled, a beautiful arc forming in the corner of his mouth, while the smile extended to his deep blue eyes. He took off his coat in a very gentlemanly way and gently put it around Emily. Then, he put his hands in his pockets and gave Emily a grim smile again.

Emily seldom saw Louis behave in such a childlike way. Generally, he tended to be very serious. Therefore, trying to stop herself from laughing out loud, she nodded her head and smiled while she appreciatively put her hand on his coat.

"You two..."

Hunk had already gone downstairs, but when he did not hear their voices behind him for a long while, he turned around doubtfully. Only then did he see them getting on so well with each other. When he'd dotingly called them to follow him downstairs, he'd found no response because his son and daughter were busy with their own moment. However, when Hunk turned around, he was very happy.

His son and daughter were his most precious treasures in the world.

Ever since Emily had come back from Tyrone Mansion, she had seldom smiled. Today, Hunk finally saw her smile. For a while, his eyes burned with a misty relief.

He swore to himself that he would draw a clear line to oppose Jacob.

His loving daughter should enjoy happiness all the time.

Along the way, Emily seemed to be in a good mood, probably because of what Louis had been doing since the beginning. She talked and laughed with Louis the whole time, and her thin face was soon bubbling with laughter, which made her look quite lovely.

The car quietly drew up at the entrance of the banquet hall. For a while, Emily wondered about how to get out, because her skirt was dragging on the ground, and, unsure of what to do, she lowered her head in embarrassment. Louis, who was the first to get out of the car, helped Emily and calmly raised the hem of her skirt to a proper height so that she could walk around freely without dragging her dress on the ground or undergoing an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction.

"Thank you, Brother!"

Emily winked at Louis. She basked under his soft eyes and immediately felt confident. She stood up straight and walked into the venue step by step.

None of the three saw a black Bentley pull up behind their car.

Jacob saw the familiar back of the woman step out of the car in front of him and h

nquired her despite knowing what the problem was.

"Emily? You are here, too?"

With her hands wrapped around Jacob's arm, Michelle came over proudly, puckering her red lips while flashing a profound look at Emily and speaking in an exaggerated tone. She sneered, "Are you alone today, without a male companion?"


Because Emily was still overwhelmed by seeing Jacob, she didn't reply swiftly. Michelle then spat out a curse and sneered at Emily. Pretending to suddenly remember, Michelle raised her hand to cover her lips and said, "Oh, I forgot, you have been kicked out of the house by Jacob, so it's understandable that you don't have a boyfriend at the moment."

All the people witnessing the scene exchanged glances.

Emily's face turned a pallid white for a moment, and she did not say anything for a long time.

But Jacob merely stood there quietly, looking off to one side casually, as if he had nothing to do with these matters at all.

How ironic.

The person Emily had loved the most since the beginning was standing in front of her like a complete stranger now.

Even worse than strangers, for Jacob was far crueler than a stranger. He had been using one blade after another to insert his insults into her heart, until she was broken into bloody pieces.

"Well, Miss He, are you blind? So you can't see me?"

Louis was sitting to one side, and his deep blue eyes twinkled like blue crystals. His body felt chilled and cold as his eyes narrowed. He stepped forward to block off Emily's path, looking at Michelle with a crafty smile and a strong tone of danger.

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