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   Chapter 1041 Have Both A Boy And A Girl

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Judging from Louis's expression, Emily could tell that he wasn't going to give her a straight answer. So instead of nagging him, she smiled and nodded her head silently.

However, deep in her heart, she felt even more determined to figure out the reason behind them wanting to host this charity party.

"All right, you should go back to sleep now. I still have some things to discuss with our father. I should go and talk to him now." Louis smiled as he poked Emily's nose gently with tremendous affection.

"Okay, I'll see you later, brother."

Emily winked and smiled at Louis before sauntering back to her bed with a pillow in her hand.

Her eyes failed to catch the serious expression Louis had on his face as he watched her disappear into her bedroom.

"Father!" Louis greeted Hunk.

"Has everything been taken care of?"

asked Hunk, who was sitting at the desk and playfully twirling a pen between his fingers while checking up on some files. His raspy, low voice did no justice to the middle-aged man in him who surprisingly had bright eyes, considering his age.

"Yes. I have sent them the invitations. And I have a confirmation of attendance from all of them."

Louis handed over a paper with a list of names to Hunk. Louis squinted his eyes at the name 'Jacob, ' and his pupils clouded over with anger and hatred.

"Great! We will announce Yvonne's identity to the public at the charity party. Let's see who dares to bully her after that!"

Hunk gazed at the list with his cold, brooding eyes. He pointed at the name 'Jacob' with his fountain pen and twisted the nib against the paper, immediately causing the ink to spread out and form the shape of a flower.

Hunk had been secretly observing everything that was happening between Jacob and his daughter. He assumed that Jacob would at least be kind to his daughter, considering her identity. However, to Hunk's surprise, Jacob's treatment of Emily was so humiliating that it left a bad taste in his mouth.

Now that he was certain of Jacob's malefaction, Hunk couldn't just sit back and do nothing. After all, he had sworn to himself that he would protect his daughter at all costs.

Emily was Hunk's precious daughter. He couldn't stand to see her being treated like a stray dog. Knee-deep in regret, Hunk now believed that it was wrong of him to let Emily be with Jacob in the first place.

"By the way,

After staring at her for a while, Louis burst out laughing, shaking his head in amusement. He gave her two gentle taps on the head and said, "We are supposed to join the party with our father today!"

"What? The charity party is today?"

Emily's eyes widened in shock. After getting a positive response from Louis, she couldn't help gasping. After quickly checking the time, she rushed to close the door and cleaned herself up in a hurry.

While she was busy getting dressed, she yelled at her big brother who was waiting just outside for her. "Louis! Why didn't you remind me earlier?"

"Well, I thought you knew.."

Louis couldn't help shrugging his shoulders at Emily. He coughed, trying to hide the awkwardness.

Suddenly, Hunk's voice came from outside Emily's door.

"Louis? Why don't you knock at the door?"

Hunk stood by the door curiously, tidying up his collar.

"Father, I am done!" Emily yelled from inside the room.

Rubbing the bridge of his nose, Louis didn't know what to say to his father. Fortunately, Emily came out of her room just in time to save Louis from the embarrassment.

Emily was wearing a long silver-white dress with tiny blue crystals adorned around the waist. She looked absolutely marvelous with her bright eyes and flawless collarbone. Her radiant skin and rosy face were perfectly highlighted by a little touch of makeup.

"Do I look good?"

Emily asked anxiously as she pinched Louis's arm.

As she didn't have enough time to dress up carefully, she was quite worried about whether she looked great or not.

"You look stunning!"

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