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   Chapter 1040 Charity Party

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After all, women and their temptation were everywhere.

"Humph! You liar. I can't trust you!"

Dina responded coquettishly as she lowered her head and gently brushed her hands over his manly chest. Her cheeks flushed under Darren's stare.

Seeing this, Darren knew for certain that Dina would do what he had told her to.

"You can't trust me? Well, who can you trust then?"

Darren asked with a smile on his face as he teasingly pecked Dina lightly on her pink lips. Then, he pulled her up into his arms and carried her towards the bed in his lounge. Darren slowly unbuttoned his collar, exposing his healthy and muscular chest.


Dina lifted some hair with her slender fingers while looking into Darren's charming eyes.

"You mentioned that you would make me happy and satisfied just now, didn't you?" she asked tentatively.

"Well, that's true..."

Darren replied as he glanced at Dina. The look on her face clearly said that she wanted more. At that moment, Darren was at a loss for what to say. With the corners of his mouth slowly lifting up, his eyes narrowed deeply, though they contained no emotion.

To be honest, Dina was really a beautiful and attractive lady. At least, Darren had never felt disgusted while enjoying her. On the other hand, he really didn't care whether the woman he was having sex with was Dina or not. After all, women all felt the same in the dark.

Darren planted a gentle kiss on Dina's neck. His warm breathing set her trembling.

He slowly nibbled her neck with a glimmer in his eyes. Feeling satisfied with Dina's reaction, Darren pinned her hands up with one hand, while thrusting the other hand under Dina's tight skirt.


Dina moaned as Darren touched her hip. She slightly bit her lip, with her cheeks growing rosy, and her eyes blurred as her adrenaline levels increased with pleasure.

Darren's lustful urges for Dina became overwhelming. Although he knew that Dina had become a whore who could go to bed with any man, he still wanted to have sex with her at that moment. She was convenient.

Without any foreplay and without giving her any tenderness, Darren savagely savored the taste of Dina. He just used her to satisfy his sexual urges.

Darren was a man who was used to taking the lead in everything, and that extended to the bedroom.

But Dina loved the feeling of being dominated by him very much. She was drowning in happiness while having sex with Darren. At the same time, her nails clawed into his skin, leaving red welts on his back.

ar as Emily was concerned, the Ke Family had already become very prestigious. On the other hand, she was sure that holding a charity party would bring the Ke Family a lot of enemies, which was not really Louis's style.

Therefore, Emily suspected that maybe Louis was doing it just because of her.

"You are only holding the charity party because of what has happened between me and Jacob, aren't you?"

Emily asked as she looked into Louis's eyes with tears brimming in her eyes. She was waiting for his explanation.

After all, she remembered that Louis had been behaving erratically from the day she saw him talking with Jacob. It was natural for her to connect the two things together.

Emily had told herself many times that she had nothing to do with Jacob now. However, whenever something happened, the first person she thought about was still Jacob. It seemed like he had permanently become a part of her life. She wanted to refuse him, but at the same time, she couldn't help wanting to get close to him.

"Of course not! Don't worry about it anymore. Father and I will take care of it,"

Louis replied, looking into Emily's eyes. She felt very nervous and her unsteady hand clutched onto the corner of her clothes, looking for reassurance. Biting her lip, she glanced at him and still felt very perturbed. Louis knew that Emily was blaming herself. Seeing this, he couldn't help sighing and mournfully shaking his head.

Emily had always been a sensitive girl. She loved her family and didn't want to cause trouble for anyone.

After a short while, a soft and gentle voice sounded in Louis's ears. Emily spoke as if she wanted to comfort her brother, saying, "Okay!"

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