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   Chapter 1039 Darren’s True Intention

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 10749

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Darren sneered at his assistant's hesitation and felt that he was being ridiculous. He began wondering why he had made this spineless person his assistant in the first place. He then turned his eyes away to shake off the strong urge to fire him for incompetence.

"Okay, okay. You're right, Mr. Xu!" the assistance replied, nodding his head repeatedly.

Beads of sweat had been running down along his cheeks. Not daring to wipe off any of his cold sweat, the assistant backed away with his face still turned toward his boss and disappeared through the door as soon as he could.

He heaved a deep sigh of relief as he walked away, secretly exclaiming that it was really hard to do such a job. However, he was well aware in his heart that it was impossible for him to quit. He had been working here for such a long a time and had become deeply involved in Darren's business. Darren would never allow him to leave. And besides, he earned a high salary, which made the days here much easier to bear.

But, everything had its own limit. He would leave this crazy place if Darren pushed him too far one day.

The assistant had barely headed back to his desk when he spotted Dina coming from the other way in a hurry. He lowered his head subserviently and looked at the ground, pretending that he hadn't seen her.

The relationship between his boss and this woman was not something that one could explain clearly or make other people understand. The less trouble the better, and with that idea, the assistant passed by Dina with his eyes still fixed on the ground.

On the other hand, Dina was more than content with the assistant's frightened reaction. She stroked her bangs and curled her lips into a slightly vicious smile. She couldn't fully conceal her delight, even though half of her face was covered by a large pair of sunglasses.

She stopped right in front of Darren's office. Taking off her sunglasses, she looked herself up and down before pushing the door open without knocking.

"What a surprise! Is there anything I can do for you?" Darren asked impatiently the moment he saw her enter.

He had just calmed down and was about to dig into his work. Dina's unexpected appearance annoyed him. He flicked his pen onto the table with a heavy thud, crossed his fingers, and looked into her eyes with a long face.

Every time Dina came here, she would cause a scene, trying to gain everyone's attention. Darren used to have a problem with it long ago, but he had hidden his feelings well enough that no one had ever noticed it. This woman was his secret weapon, and he depended on her to get advantages from his partners, who liked pretty women. But immediately, he noticed that there was something different about Dina today. She looked a little upset and walked in with mechanically lightened steps.

Darren narrowed his eyes and leaned back against the back of his chair, wondering what was wrong with her today.

He secretly hoped that it was not something concerning Bill, which was the only purpose he had for Dina now.

"Nothing. Please, don't worry. Besides, no one saw me coming here," Dina replied and shrugged her shoulders impatiently.

Instead of heading to the table that Darren

e needed to have a thorough checkup done in hospital later.

But she had to admit that she was becoming more and more obsessed with Darren. On the other hand, Darren had plenty of attributes to attract women. He was well-off and had a face that was hardly inferior to any of the popular male movie stars. Besides, Dina had had enough with Bill's disgustingly ferocious face over the past few days. Thus, she couldn't control herself from gluing onto Darren now.

"Keep an eye on Emily for me the next few days. I want to know everything she does," Darren ordered.

He had spotted the expression on Dina's face and knew what she was thinking right now. He sneered inwardly, but showed nothing of the indifference he felt on his face.

"Keep an eye on Emily?"

Dina had been carefully listening with her head lowered. She lifted her head abruptly and looked at Darren with a puzzled expression when she heard him mention Emily. Hesitating for a second or two, she then asked tentatively, "Are you going to offer Emily to Bill? Is that your plan?"

Her heart was sinking. She understood how obsessed Bill was with having Emily now. If Emily was offered to him, he would definitely leave her for Emily. There was no need for second thoughts. Man was nothing but an animal that turned its back on the old to go with the new.

It would be awkward and disgraceful if she had to run after a man like Bill to win his favor.

"No, you're overreacting!" Darren replied soothingly.

He hadn't expected that Dina would be so serious about it. He put his hands on her shoulders and massaged her. With his eyes looking into hers, he explained, "Since I've already promised you, I won't break my word. Just relax!"

To him, women were nothing but weapons to be used or tools to have fun with. The most important thing to him was his business, for which he would sacrifice anything he had.

He had kept Dina around because he needed her to deal with Bill. If there was another, even better tool, why wouldn't he make use of it? Dina would never learn his true intentions and was willing to continue living in this web of dreams he spun her.

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