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   Chapter 1038 Do You Have A Crush On Her

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7289

Updated: 2019-11-14 13:49

Dina froze at Bill's sudden mention of Emily. There was an instant rush of fear and resentment in her heart. She clenched her teeth and tried to force a smile, but the hatred in her eyes could hardly be concealed.

"Bill, you... you have a crush on her?" she asked cautiously.

It had taken her so much effort to become Bill's mistress. She had to bear his fat and disgusting body piling on top of her every night. And, despite all that, she still was not good enough for him.

Now, he wanted to have Emily, that skinny, plain Jane, who always played the victim, as a lover too!

'Damn it! Are you fucking kidding me?' she cursed in her head and thought, 'How on earth can that ugly bitch, Emily, possibly compare with me?'

"Yes! One glance at that tiny face and I feel my body tremble. If I could have her for one night, I would be willing to die without regrets!"

Bill was so enthralled by his lust for Emily that he didn't even notice Dina's change of expression at all. After all, Dina was only a toy that he could dispose of at any time. Now that a better one had come around, he didn't need Dina anymore.

In terms of attractiveness, Dina was certainly much more glamorous, and she had a better body. But Dina was also obviously a gold digger, whereas Emily didn't seem to care about Bill's money at all.

The desire for what was out of your reach was always strongest.


Dina called out angrily, wriggling her waist like a snake. She half slithered out of her night dress, exposing her full bosom to the air.

Bill gasped with amusement.

"Have you fallen for Emily? Don't you like me anymore?"

Dina swung her upper body and let her breasts dangle left and right. She raised her hand and pressed her fingers to her lips. She licked her fingertips gently and exhaled erotically.

She was working hard to seduce Bill, using all of her skills.

After all, the thought of losing Bill to Emily had given her a sense of crisis. If she couldn't keep Bill interested now, then Darren would not let her get away with it, let alone what would then happen to her status in the entertainment industry.

Darren would probably abandon her without a se

ody quivering with fear. The sharp corner of the flung document had cut his cheek and blood seeped across his pallid face. He bit his teeth until his gums ached, but he didn't dare utter any sound at all. He just shrunk back and trembled like a frightened quail.

After having worked for Darren for so many years, he was still frightened that Darren would get mad at him at any moment.

Even though he was used to Darren's temper, when things really broke out, he would still shiver fearfully under Darren's terrible gaze.

It was not really a habit, but just his intense fear of Darren.

"The projects are not finished?"

Darren acutely grasped the important point that the assistant's words had conveyed and repeated it slowly. He drummed his fingertips on the desktop. The darkness in his eyes gradually gathered into clusters of intense light. Finally he said, "It was Jacob, wasn't it?"

Darren was not a fool. Besides Seamus, Jacob was the only one who could do this kind of thing.

Seamus and Darren were in the same boat now. It was impossible for Seamus to self-sabotage everything like this. It could, therefore, only be Jacob!


the assistant nodded and echoed in a low voice. He did not dare to look Darren in the eyes. He trembled intensely, but tried his best to suppress his overwhelming urge to escape.

"I see. Tell the Board of Directors to shut up. I'll take care of it. Now, get out," Darren said coldly.

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