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   Chapter 1037 A Disgusting Old Man

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"Miss Emily, please, don't. Stop bringing this false evidence over."

Jacob's dark and glittering eyes filled with coldness. His stare made her chest tighten painfully. He sneered, tore the photo to pieces and threw it like trash into the air.

Suddenly, the shredded bits of paper flurried like a snowstorm in the air, and a few of the ragged squares landed on Emily's shoulder.

Emily was stunned. She seemed to have lost her ability to even talk. These pieces were a symbol of her caring for him. She could only watch them fall to the floor where Jacob stepped on them with callous disregard.

Then, he turned around and walked away without any hesitation or even a backward glance.

She moved her lips, trying to form the words to stop him from leaving; however, not a single sound came from her lips.

Her heart was in agony. It took a long time for Emily to adjust to the throbbing pain. Finally, she could feel her senses slowly coming back to her, and she took a staggering gasped breath of air.

Emily twitched her nose sadly and managed a wry smile.

Again and again, she cautioned herself to hold back her tears. However, her tears didn't cooperate, and they just fell like a waterfall after the spring rains.

Although her body was trembling, she still resolutely straightened herself and walked out. Her walking quickly turned into a run.

She stormed back to her car, struggled into the driver's seat and locked the door. Finally, she buried her head in her hands and wept unashamedly. Her shoulders shook with the great agony of spirit that she felt. In the small space of the car, she finally lost all control of her sobbing, and she wailed heartrendingly.

Seamus, who had just finished his evil plan and left Emily, drove over to Darren's company.

"How did it go? Did you finish it?"

Darren asked Seamus as he put down his pen while tapping a rhythm on the corner of the table with his fingertips.

"Emily believed the story completely. She took the photo, and I think she is going to show it to Jacob this afternoon,"

Seamus said callously as he reclined on the couch. His eyes were filled with cold ruthlessness.

This coldhearted and emotionally twisted man was totally different from the one who had been smiling in the hotel, although they were the same person.

However, that nice and gentle person had not been the real Seamus.

He was someone who would do anything to get what he wanted, without

to vomit, and she tried her best to keep the smile on her face. Sweeping the tears from the corner of her eyes, she gave Bill an admiring look. She tenderly softened her voice. "Thank you, Bill. You are the best!"

"Of course I am."

Dina's words and grateful expression satisfied Bill's enormous vanity. He laughed out loud. His fat blubbered and the scar on his face looked even more frightful as it moved like it was alive.

Suddenly, he patted his head. Clearly, something had popped into his mind. He gave Dina a dirty smile as he filthily licked his lips. "I almost forgot the most important thing. I need you to tell me something tonight."

"What is it? What is so important that you had to video chat with me in the middle of the night?"

Dina saw the dirty lust in his leering eyes. She knew his mind was thinking about something obscene. Though she was grossed out, she locked her feelings away. After swallowing the bile in her throat, she asked softly, "Bill, you are my man. Anything I know, I will always tell you."

Her hands, which were hidden under the covers, were clutching tightly at the sheet. Her nails dug into her flesh, leaving red drops of blood on the white bedding.

She would instantly dump him like the trash that he was, if he lost his usefulness to her.

Bill was nothing but a disgusting old man to Dina.

"Ha-ha, I like that girl named Emily, who I saw at the Charm casino. I want to spend a night with her. Can you get in touch with her?"

Bill asked as he narrowed his eyes with imagined pleasure. It appeared that he was already thinking about Emily's face and more.


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