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   Chapter 1036 Emily’s Efforts Came To Naught

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With both hands gripping the steering wheel, Emily quietly looked at the photo on the seat beside her. Her eyes were filled with hesitation as she whispered to herself, "What if he doesn't believe me?"

The recent events in her life had made her clearly understand how Jacob felt about her. Not only did Jacob treat her as a stranger now, but he also openly showed his hate towards her. No wonder she was feeling conflicted at the moment.

Since Jacob hated her, everything she did was wrong in his eyes, let alone mentioning the fire that had badly hurt him.

After she had driven half the way to Jacob's office, Emily stopped by the side of the road and sighed. Then, she closed her eyes as she tried to calm her mind filled with confusing thoughts. A few minutes passed before she started the engine again.

She could hardly control her own feelings.

She kept telling herself that Jacob was a heartless man, but she still worried about him.

She felt that she should tell him the truth about Michelle and the fire, but she was afraid that he would not believe her. Shortly after, she arrived at the building where Jacob's office was located. After turning off the engine, she got out of the car and hurried upstairs.

"Mr. President, Miss Bai wants to see you,"

the assistant said in a low voice as he moved close to Jacob's ear.

"Why is she here?"

Jacob asked in an icy voice. The moment he heard Emily's name, he was visibly stunned for a moment wherein his eyes twinkled with gentleness. However, this sudden display of gentleness was instantly replaced by anger.

"I don't know. She just said that the matter she wanted to discuss concerns your safety, and she insisted on telling you that in person. And so, I asked her to wait in the conference room. What do you want to do?"

The assistant carefully watched Jacob's expression for fear that Jacob would fly into a rage. He had heard that Jacob and Emily were once deeply in love with each other, but Jacob's moodiness made him wonder what he was thinking. He thought that it was best to tell Jacob about matters involving Emily and let him decide what to do.

"Well, I see. Let's go and meet her,"

Jacob replied flatly as he furrowed his brows. Under his drooping, long eyelashes, there was a pair of deep, shining eyes resembling cool black crystals. With his eyes slightly narrowed, he stood up calmly to exit his office.

He had scarcely stood up when he hesitated for a moment.

His hesitation only lasted for a few seconds, but it was clearly seen by the assistant following him.

The assistant felt that it was right to

tly while he folded his arms across his chest. There was a malicious and cynical smile on his handsome face. Without looking at Emily, he was intoxicated with his own happiness, as if he was recalling the wonderful days he had spent with Michelle.

It was obvious that Jacob was asking Emily to leave.

'Darling Michelle...

When did they become so close?'

Emily wondered. Looking at the happy smile on Jacob's face, she felt suffocated and lonely, and there was a sadness in her knitted brows. Her thin shoulders trembled as if she were a poor child.

Emily quietly looked at Jacob for several minutes, and she looked away from him only when she could not hold back her tears.

She had just seen her own reflection in Jacob's eyes.

She didn't want to see herself so embarrassed and pitiful.

His eyes were now filled with indifference, scorn, arrogance, and coldness, without the usual gentleness and affection.

Besides, he had called her "Miss Bai."

What an irony...

"Well, I'm sorry, Mr. Gu. I was too abrupt today, but I hope you can think seriously about the photo,"

Emily said in a feeble voice. She blinked multiple times, trying to will the tears away. She hid her self-pity, but there was still a clear touch of sadness in her eyes.

"Well, Miss Bai. You can leave now,"

Jacob drawled lazily with a casual nod, as if Emily was a very unwelcome guest.

At this moment, he suddenly took the photo from her hands.

Thinking that Jacob would follow her advice, Emily instantly felt relaxed. However, she didn't expect that Jacob would tear the photo with his slender fingers. In the empty, quiet conference room, the tearing sound seemed particularly harsh.

In a flash, the photo was torn to pieces.

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