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   Chapter 1035 Just Friends

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"Em, I know."

Emily's eyes widened the moment she saw the picture. She was so shocked that she could not pay attention to what Seamus was saying. As she nodded, her mind began to wander. After a while, she said, "I should go now."

She stood up in a daze and left Seamus alone. With an unreadable expression on her face, she began to walk towards the exit of the casino.

Her thoughts were now running wild. She needed some time alone to process and reorganize her messy thoughts, otherwise, she would be immobilized by the shock of it all.

Did Jacob really not know who was behind all this?

Why was there still no information about Jacob even though Seamus had already gathered the evidence?

Feeling a dull ache in her temples, she then raised her hands to massage her temple area in small, circular motions. As she was doing this, she did not notice the man in front of her and walked directly into him.


shouted Emily, covering her nose with her hands. Embarrassed, she looked down and said softly, "I'm sorry, I..."

The rest of her words got stuck in her throat.

Emily quickly stepped back as the man she had just bumped into tried to give her a fist. A second later and she would have barely avoided the beating.


Why was she here, accompanying a wretched-looking man with a big scar on his face?


Dina walked up in front of Bill and covered his big hands with her own while strategically positioning her breasts to rub against his arm to soothe him. She looked back at Emily suspiciously and asked, "Why are you here?"

How could she enter Charm Casino without Jacob?

Charm Casino was exclusive to expected guests.

How could she be here now that she was no longer Jacob's wife?

"Oh, I just came here to meet a friend,"

said Emily courteously. She was thinking of leaving immediately but her mind was suddenly sidetracked by the sight of Bill's hand petting Dina's butt. Small shivers ran up her spine a

Bill laughed and said, "Babe, sorry to keep you waiting. Let's go now."

Although interested in Emily, Bill still could not resist such a flirtation. He let go of Emily's hand and slipped them onto Dina's waist. He then began to slide his fingers all the way to Dina's butt and, not so subtly, briefly caressed her more private area.

He gently pinched Dina, making her shiver and laugh with excitement.

Emily was stunned by the interaction between the two. Watching Dina intoxicated like this, she could almost throw up. She did not know how to react.

"Go away."

Dina laid her head down on Bill's shoulder and made a gesture to ask her to leave. She grew very impatient and cast a very sarcastic look at her.

Even with this disgusting display, Dina still sported a condescending attitude.

Emily came back to her senses, nodded, and ran away.

Only when she came back to her car did she calm down.

She tried to soothe herself by inhaling deeply.

God knows how disgusted she had been when she saw the sexual intimacy between Dina and Bill, and all the more so when Bill had begun targeting her.

Emily took a look at her watch and got the chills.

She had to let Jacob see those pictures even though he was no longer in love with her. But Michelle was really a dangerous and nasty woman.

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