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   Chapter 1034 Lure her Into His Scheme

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8465

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In a private room on the third floor...

"Sir, the documents have been doctored,"

whispered the bodyguard respectfully, handing the documents over to Seamus.

The photos had been doctored to make the figure look like Michelle. "The back of the figure looks a lot like her,"

said Seamus with a satisfied smile on his face. Languidly reclining on a sofa, he gently touched the photos in the documents with his fingers as scenes replayed from his memory.

"Sir, we..."

the bodyguard suddenly interrupted after struggling to utter the words for a while. He was trying to gauge Seamus's potential reaction.

"What? Just say it."

Seamus glanced at him negligently and waved his hand casually, though there was an underlying threat in the gesture.

"Will Miss Bai believe this evidence? After all, it was Darr..."


A terrifyingly cold light flashed across Seamus's eyes, radiating a ravenous aura. He squinted at the bodyguard and raised his voice as he spoke. "What are you talking about?"

"I'm sorry, sir!"

the bodyguard said, lowering his head and instantly regretting his boldness. Feeling a chill run down his spine, he retreated a few steps and trembled subconsciously. Even placing more space between him and Seamus did not relieve his fear.

His voice was full of deference and regret. He shouldn't have said that, for it was not his place to question or to speak.

"Get out!" Seamus sneered scornfully and waved the man off in disgust as he added, "Good-for-nothing!"

"Yes, sir..."

Relieved, the bodyguard answered subserviently, bowed his head low, and ran out of the office like a man receiving amnesty.

Seamus turned around and stared at Emily through the French windows. She was approaching downstairs.

He lightly raised his slender fingers to stroke his chin. An amused smile appeared on his face. The game was on.

What kind of reaction would Emily have once she learned about this so-called truth?

He had made great efforts in preparation of this coming moment. How he relished what was about to happen!

Although Emily and Jacob were finally divorced, after the first few days of turmoil, Emily seemed to have disappeared. Jacob actually appeared to be having a good time, which irritated Seamus. He had to be vigilant of someone like Jacob. With Jacob, what was seen on the surface was usually not a reflection of what stirred underneath. What's more, there was a better chess piece to use now. Why not focus on that?

As long as Seamus could guarantee that the

o cover his mouth in feigned sorrow. But his eyes were hollow and without feeling.

"This is the evidence you were talking about, isn't it? Did Michelle set the fire?"

Emily asked, trying to gauge Seamus's expression. She stood up and stared searchingly at Seamus with her teeth clenched.

"The details are not clear yet, but this picture was taken at the scene a few minutes before the fire."

Seamus nodded, trying to conceal the scheming anticipation in his eyes. He knew what Emily was thinking, and simply articulated what she was being led to guess.

"The woman in the picture is Michelle. She could have set the fire. After all, it is too much of a coincidence that she was there when the fire happened, and then she 'burned' herself into Jacob's life."

"I knew it!"

Emily nodded, her face covered with a thin layer of resentment and regret.

In this moment, all manner of emotions merged into a huge wave, hitting her heart with anguish and rancor.

A smile of self-mockery appeared on her wan face.

It turned out that Michelle had been behind everything!

But sadly, the culprit was now playing the role of a kind and affectionate lover at Jacob's side.

And Jacob seemed to be completely on Michelle's side too.

"I can't tell you clearly what exactly happened, but I think that you'd better talk to Jacob. Maybe he can remember something."

Seamus turned away from Emily. His cold eyes were dark like a bottomless abyss. He avoided Emily's penetrating gaze and offered her a kind suggestion.

He still needed Emily as a tool! She was crucial for his plan to work.

He had to lure her into his scheme carefully to reach his own sinister goals.

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