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   Chapter 1033 The Real Killer

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Jacob's words were like a gunshot to the heart of Emily. All of a sudden, her entire body became stiff as if the blood in her body had frozen solid.

With her teeth clenched in anger, the coat which was hanging from the crook of her arm, fell onto the ground.

With a look of grief in her beautiful tear-glazed eyes, Emily laughed at herself, expressing self-contempt.

'Maybe I should feel grateful towards Jacob. After all, he concluded that

it felt wonderful to have sex with me.'

Emily shook her head in disbelief, afraid that she would lose control of her emotions if she continued to listen to them. Before her anxiety could explode into a panic attack, Emily grabbed her bag and ran out of the coffee shop.

Emily ran all the way until she reached the underground parking lot. Leaning against a wall, she covered her mouth with one hand, trying to contain her whimpering as the tears flowed down her cheeks.

Meanwhile, Jacob and Louis were still talking in the coffee shop, completely oblivious to the fact that Emily had overheard a conversation between them, which was not intended for her ears.

"Fine! That's settled then! Jacob, now that we're clear about where we stand, I hope that you won't blame me for doing anything bad to your company! I won't excuse your behavior towards Yvonne. No one gets away with insulting a lady of the Ke family!"

Louis threatened, grunting in anger. All the while, he had foolishly believed that Jacob was still in love with Emily, until he spoke with Jacob in person today. It pained his heart to admit that he was wrong about Jacob, as the truth would only hurt his sister even more.

When the sunlight came into the room through the window panes, Emily was comfortably lounging on the couch. There were some biscuits in her hand, but she hadn't taken a single bite out of them yet.

Emily's face didn't look as pale as it did earlier, but that could have been attributed to the sunlight. Even so, the dark circles under her eyes were still visible.

Emily's eyes slid in and out of focus at the pictures in the television, but she didn't pay any attention to them.

"Jacob, Jacob..."

Emily murmured as her fingers gently stroked a broken photo of Jacob inside a key chain.

Jacob's handsome face wore a charming smile and his dark eyes beamed with love and tenderness in the photograph.

This photo was taken by Emily when they went out on a date many years ago.

Unfortunately, not long after it

argue in response, Seamus assumed that she was starting to believe his words.

So he added with his charming voice, "Emily, the person responsible was the one you'd least suspected!"

Seamus squinted his deep eyes and smiled.

'As long as I can trick Emily into believing me, I will get it all under my control.

I think Emily is willing to hear me out now, ' Seamus thought to himself.


Emily shouted as she didn't expect him to say it like that. She bit at her lip in anger, finding herself at a complete loss for words.

"The issue I'm going to discuss with you is directly related to Jacob's safety. I'll wait for you on the third floor of Charm Entertainment Club."

Seamus took the chance to finalize the time and place. With a smirk on his face, he went on, "So long as you come out to meet me, I'll tell you all the truth, which is quite unimaginable."


After pausing for a while, Emily agreed to meet him. As usual, when it came to affairs related to Jacob, she would lost her self-control.

Emily shook her head to chase away the bad feeling in her heart. She kept giving herself hope, by telling herself that

she was so close to the truth now!

At 3 p.m. in the afternoon, Emily parked her car on the side of the road and took her coat from the passenger's seat. After forcing a smile at her rear-view mirror, she got out of the car.

It had been a week since she heard what Jacob said to Louis about her in the coffee shop. And since then Emily had already risen above her sorrow. Although the mere mention of Jacob could still break her heart, she could control her emotions a lot better now.

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