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   Chapter 1032 Stranger

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 6520

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Louis trembled, clenching his fists in rage as he watched Darren and Dina disappear out of sight with eyes that showed nothing but hatred.

He would have made Darren pay for hurting Emily if it were not for the sake of his Ke Group.

Suddenly, an idea popped up in Louis's mind and he took out his phone to call his assistant. After all, he was the one who had made this mess, so he should be the one to sort it out as well.

Plum Garden Cafe.

As the rays of the sun made its way through the French window and cast down on Louis's face, he seemed calmer and less aggressive but still remained alert of Jacob.

For some strange reason, Jacob thought that his foreign man looked familiar, like they had met somewhere else before.

Jacob smiled with interest and looked at Louis, sizing him up. "Is there something I can do to help you?"

Jacob had been on his way to an important meeting earlier today when suddenly, his assistant pulled over the car, hesitating to speak. When Jacob demanded that his assistant tell him what happened, he found out that Louis, who claimed to be Emily's brother, wanted to meet him at the Plum Garden Cafe. Without even a second thought, Jacob cancelled his appointments and went to meet him, because he was worried about Emily.

Louis looked at Jacob with determination and anger in his eyes. He laid his hands on the table and said, "Let's be very clear here. You stay away from Yvonne and take all your enemies with you. Make sure they don't try to hurt her again!"


Jacob was playing with his watch the whole time. But when he thought about what Louis had just said, Jacob pretended as though he had seen the light and said, "By Yvonne, you mean Emily, right? We're already divorced! What are you hoping to accomplish here?"

Infuriated, Louis's body trembled, failing to tolerate the look of contempt in Jacob's eyes.

He clenched his fists under the table, eyes overflowing with fury

her mind to eat there with a smile on her face, even if they didn't serve steamed buns.


Emily's entire body froze, shocked to see the two men through the French window.

'Jacob and Louis?

What are they doing here?'

Emily soon remembered that she had sensed something wrong during her conversation with Louis earlier this morning. The more she thought about it, the stronger her suspicions became.

Louis had made her breakfast in the morning and told her that he was going to leave for business so that she wouldn't worry about him.

The way he had said it had made it seem like he would be very busy with his work abroad.

Then why was he here with Jacob?

When she noticed Louis's empty mug, she figured that they must have been here for quite a while. Without further delay, she decided to go inside.

Emily pursed her lips and walked in with a frown, clutching onto her purse tight just to hide her nervousness.

Her mind told her that she should leave but she just couldn't resist her true feelings, or her curiosity, to be precise.

Emily wanted to know what Jacob really thought of her now that Michelle was not here.

She took the couch closest to them and hid under her coat, hoping to eavesdrop on their conversation.

"Great sex... Strangers..."

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