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   Chapter 1031 Meeting An Enemy On A Narrow Road

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 6493

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Emily's pale face emphasized the dark circles around her eyes as well as her sunken cheeks. Louis did not want Emily to see what she looked like now.

"All right."

Emily smiled weakly and accepted Louis's suggestion. She trusted his judgment because she knew that he genuinely cared for her. Sitting on the car seat, she seemed more animated as she observed the view outside the window.

Louis pinched the back of her hand in a gentle manner. He also turned on the radio to play lively songs while driving. He was trying his best to cheer Emily up.

Upon their arrival at the hotel, Louis told Emily, "I will carry you."

He did not want Emily to attract people's attention. He knew that she would be hurt if she heard people talk about what had happened to her. He wrapped Emily with his coat, lifted her into his arms and walked into the hotel.

Distinguished people often dined together in this hotel. Thus, most of the people here knew the news about Emily and Jacob. However, the hotel sold delicious walnut cakes that were Emily's favorite. To lift Emily's spirits, Louis brought her here.

Emily buried her head in Louis's chest while her arms wrapped around his neck. The familiar scent of his breath made her feel safe. Her heart had finally settled into contentment at this moment.

She could only lean on her family for strength now.

She felt grateful that her family really cared about her. They had stayed with her even through the most difficult times in her life. Accompanied and supported by her family, she felt at peace.

"All right,"

Louis said while putting her on the sofa gently. When he was about to close the door, he heard a voice...

"Aha, is this Emily Bai?"

said a woman. When Louis and Emily turned to look at her, they saw that she was extremely beautiful. Every inch of her face was defined and smooth, as if sculpted from granite. She had smoky eyes, curled eyelashes and long, wavy ha

ouis so she ignored him. Instead, she sneered at Emily and said, "Everyone has heard about what happened between you and Jacob. You begged Jacob not to abandon you, right? In the end, you two still got divorced."

Emily kept her silence as she tried hard not to show any emotion on her face. Unsatisfied with Emily's lack of reaction, Dina added sarcastically, "You think so highly of yourself!"

In Dina's opinion, a woman like Emily did not deserve Jacob's love. Except for her beauty, she had no other advantage.

"Get out of here!"

Rage flared in Louis's face. He almost failed to control his desire to slap Dina across the face. Staring at Dina coldly, he walked up, caught Dina's wrist and forcibly dragged her out.

"What are you doing? Are you crazy?"

Dina had not thought that Louis would be so rude towards her. She stumbled and struggled. But when Louis raised his hand and was about to slap Dina, he was stopped by someone.

"I am sorry, Mr. Ke. But you are not allowed to slap Dina,"

said Darren. His dark eyes were sharp, emitting a powerful and domineering aura.

Suddenly, he was standing between Dina and Louis. Glancing at Emily, he nodded politely and gave her an ironic smile. He then gently dragged Dina by her wrist, a faint smile painted on his lips.

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