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   Chapter 1029 A Desperate Situation

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 6013

Updated: 2019-11-11 00:12

Emily wanted to fly to Jacob right away.

She wanted to hold him and ask him once and for all if he had recovered his memory already and was lying to her or not.

She shook her head and snorted angrily, wondering how to challenge Jacob upon seeing him.

"Keep the change,"

she said, throwing some money on the passenger's seat, and then jumped out of the taxi. Even though she was wearing slippers, she ran into the company's entrance without a care.

From a distance, she saw Jacob coming out of the office building. His handsome face looked even more radiant under the warm sunlight.


Emily called out loud, waving at him enthusiastically. She smiled at him in high spirits, ready to run to him.

She saw Jacob smiling gently with a tenderness she'd been missing. The very next second, he turned around and waved his hand at someone. Who else could it be, but Michelle?

The smile disappeared from Emily's face in an instant, and her eyes started to well up. The heartbreak she had been trying to suppress came back to her even more hauntingly.

She stood at the entrance stiffly, staring into the void. The deep pools of her eyes contained inexpressible sorrow. She wanted to shout out loud: "Jacob! I love you! I miss you! Come back to me!" But her tongue was tied, both with the weight of her broken heart and the burden of truth.

Her body shivered and shook, wilting in the cold wind. She looked like a rose, devoid of its own thorns, unsupported, limp.

"Jacob, is that...Emily?"

Michelle leaned against him, rubbing her arm against his coquettishly. She was in the process of saying something when she spotted Emily. With a taunting smile, she pretended to be surprised and concerned. "Why has she come here looking like such a mess? Is she all right?"


Feeling agitated and helpless, Jacob hung up the phone impatiently.

Damn it!

Hell had broken lose again!

He was so close... He was just one step away from reaching her again.


Emily started, but didn't know what to say further. She stared at Jacob, just observing the face she hadn't seen so up close since forever.

She shouldn't have gotten her hopes up...

"Nothing. Please don't come here again. Your presence affects our life!"

Jacob let out the words forcibly. He was clenching his teeth so hard that he almost bit his tongue. Michelle had followed him. He held her hand so tightly that her knuckles started to ache.

And once again... He saw the sadness on Emily's lifeless face, which had a sense of self-hate.

It took all of his body's energy to suppress the urge of embracing her immediately.

He had thought that if he could Darren's aggression, he could finally explain everything to Emily, but his plan had backfired.

Seamus and Darren were now working together. One was backed by the Lu Family from D Country and the other was backed by Bill, the black market boss. Once again, Jacob was in a desperate situation, attacked by all sides.

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