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   Chapter 1028 A Strand Of Hair

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8309

Updated: 2019-11-11 00:02

The night grew late. Many deep undercurrents of fighting for power were running through the night. They were quickly moving around.

Emily, who was caught up in the middle of it all, had no idea what was waiting for her. Holding a pillow in her arms, she slumped onto the couch. She curled up into a fetal position and wrapped her arms around her legs, while the TV kept playing random commercials in the background.

Emily's beautiful eyes were red and puffed up from crying. Her mouth had fallen to an almost scowl, and her eyes that bore the same glow as the sun conveyed none of its warmth or sparkle.

She had lost Jacob and the job she loved. Everything was moving forward except her.

She figured Jacob had found the divorce papers she'd left in the room, so he'd given the ownership of SL Jewelry to Michelle.

In her despair, she wondered how happy he was right now to be finally free of her. She was no longer going to be the person who would stop him from chasing his happiness and the love of his life. Now that Emily had given him his freedom, Jacob could finally be with Michelle.

Suddenly, a thought popped into her mind. If he had signed the divorce papers, then their divorce certificates would come out soon after.

Therefore, she would get to see him one last time before she picked up her certificate.

Emily's mind wandered, and countless thoughts went through her head. However, every single one of them was about one person—Jacob.

There was a time when she could cure all his suffering, but now she couldn't even spend a minute with him without him trying to bite her head off.

Knock, knock, knock.

The sudden knock on Emily's door broke the dead silence in the house. Emily's heart skipped a bit in anticipation. Her face lit up with a slight hint of hope as she ran to the door with her bare feet.

Emily prayed for it to be Jacob. She hoped that he regretted his decision of leaving her in the first place.

"Ja... Sam?"

She swallowed back the rest of his name when she found out that the person outside the door was not the one she had hoped to see. In an instant, her eyes lost their luster. The hope inside her heart turned out to be more painful than she had imagined.

Emily couldn't tell why Sam was at her doorstep. But the first thing that popped into her head was Jacob.

"Miss Emily, here is your divorce certificate. Mr. Jacob asked me to bring it to you. Here you go."

The formal manner in which Sam addressed her w

ould be a cruel goodbye letter.

Without further delay, Emily tore it open and a strand of hair fell out and landed on the ground.

This strand of hair was tied with a red rope.

Staring at it curiously, Emily's body shivered. Her eyes were fixated on it for a while. Her thin lips opened and closed several times. After a long time, a word finally came out her mouth.


She was certain that this strand of dark hair was Jacob's.

She got down on her knees and picked it all up in her hand. She placed her hands under her jaw and closed her eyes. Tears streamed down her cheeks again. However, her lips were showing something else.

Her pale, exhausted face was, all of a sudden, alive with happiness.

She remembered lying in his arms and poking his chin with her fingers. She remembered looking into his eyes and telling him that she wanted to go to the place where people would cut two strands of their hair and bind them together like people did on TV.

Jacob had agreed and promised to find the time to bring her there. After he had made her that promise, he had run his fingers through her hair and kissed her. Jacob's eyes, glowing like stars, had been filled with love and affection for her.

Emily's hope, which had been crushed by the divorce certificate, was put back together all of a sudden.

She opened her eyes and grabbed the first jacket she could find before running out of the house in her slippers.

Emily didn't care whether she was dressed appropriately or not. She looked down at her tiny toes as she wriggled them playfully. She couldn't help but burst into laughter. Finally, she had some respite!

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