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   Chapter 1024 Commitment

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 6123

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There was a secret scheme being covered in darkness.

The sky above was consumed by an eerie darkness. This was a blackness that was almost absolute. One could clearly see millions of bright stars dotted on the black canvas of night, yet none of that light seemed to filter far enough down to make any difference. The skyscrapers afar towered above them like great monoliths of concrete and glass.

Meanwhile, parked in a car in front of the Glamour Casino.

Darren was throwing lustful looks from the driver's seat at the scantily-dressed woman who was sitting next to him, caked under layers of makeup. He barely managed to keep himself from drooling as he ran his fingers up her fair-skinned thighs.

"Do you know what to say when you see Bill inside?"

Now that Bill had finally returned home, Darren saw it as an opportunity to see him. Darren had grown tired and impatient of dealing with Jacob, who had been cracking down on Darren's operations as of late.

"Don't you worry about anything. I know what to do!"

The timbre of her voice rose with excitement. She pushed back the long bangs that concealed her eyes, revealing her infamously glamorous face. The burgundy leather coat wrapped around her unreservedly exposed just the right amount of skin on her body.

Over the past few years, Dina had come to perfect the art of pleasing a man. It was no longer difficult for her to manipulate a man into doing her bidding.

Dina gently stroked Darren's strong arms with her soft hands. She stuck out her tongue seductively to lick her lips and put Darren's hands into her bra, trying to sexually arouse him.


Darren felt relaxed by the soft touch of her breast in his big palms. That familiar feeling almost sexually aroused him.

He would have to admit that Dina had a special set of skills that m

, seemed small standing next to Bill.


A pungent whiff of sweat invaded Dina's nose, causing her to turn away in disgust. Dumbstruck, she wondered how Darren could bring himself to communicate with Bill despite his horrendous body odor.

"And who is this beautiful lady?"

Bill's eyes were instantly attached to her the moment Dina walked in. The light was too dim for him to see her face clearly but he thought she looked familiar.

Darren noticed Bill sneaking a peek at Dina and her plunging neckline the whole time. The look of desire in Bill's eyes even managed to creep out Dina.

"Oh, I'm so sorry. I forgot to introduce her to you. This is Dina! She has heard a lot about you before... Actually, she is the one who insisted on seeing you in person,"

Darren explained as he pulled Dina close.


Bill exclaimed before he burst into laughter, seemingly overwhelmed by his pride and vanity.

When Bill laughed, every part of his body shook like he was experiencing an earthquake. He kept licking his lips every time his eyes fell on Dina's cleavage, and finally, he walked up to Darren and said, "Thank you, my friend! I have decided to agree to your proposal from before!"

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