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   Chapter 1022 She Left Quietly

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Jacob didn't know whether she had cleaned her body or not. She had used to be as dirty as a pig. Whenever they finished, she would lay in his arms, poking his chest, and she would make him carry her to the bathroom. She would rather directly fall sleep in his arms than go and take a shower.

Jacob was always afraid that her body couldn't bear it. Every time, he gave her a shower on his own, but the night before, he hadn't had a choice. He had had to let her take a shower on her own.

'Emily... You need to wait just for a while... It will all be over soon. I will explain everything to you when the time comes!'

Minute by minute, the night passed by slowly.

The early morning sun rose behind the window screen, projecting golden sun-rays on Emily's slender body. The sunshine seemed to cut through a thin layer of fog around her and lit her up fully, making her look like a goddess.

Emily turned in the bed and blocked the sun with her hands. She opened her eyes with a frown, immediately squinting. Her mind seemed to pause for a few seconds. Then, at once, all her thoughts returned. Every cell in her body seemed to struggle in pain.

Feeling cold and distant, she got up and, with some effort, refreshed herself. She then sat in front of the dresser, staring at her pale cheeks in the mirror. She forced a smile, but sadly couldn't hide her vicissitudes and fatigue.

She raised her hand and rubbed her cheek, hoping it would grant some color to her dead face.

She applied some blush to her cheeks at last and stood up. Feeling half-dead, she descended the stairs and lingered all about the villa like a ghost.

She pondered about what had happened right in this villa, unable to get over it. She went over all the details in her mind, recalling the countless moments she'd spent here with Jacob.

She looked all about herself quietly. There were many things she liked about the villa. Jacob had bought all those things because they'd made her happy. Ironically, it was him who had torn everything apart, leaving nothing but just broken traces of their once delightful existence.

"Goodbye, Jacob!", she muttered under her breath.

Her delicate fingers caressed Jacob's desk softly, feeling the soft wood. Her lips quivered at the priceles

om. His forehead was sweating with nervousness, but he couldn't even wipe it off. He would go so far as to get down on his knees and beg God to make her appear back in the house.

Shoes, clothes, cosmetics, pens, and photos... The things Jacob had thrown away and Emily had brought back were gone again. His own room was unbelievably clean as well.

Jacob did not give up. He searched for the photo album he had hidden from Emily. He took out all the albums one by one so violently that he almost tore the covers. In the end, he had to throw himself on the ground, feeling completely tired and defeated.

Emily had taken away all the things related to her!

Jacob screamed at the top of his voice. He looked almost like someone who'd gone insane with his red eyes and threatening body language.


He walked down the staircase devoid of all his spirit, and fell quietly on the sofa. He kept murmuring Emily's name with his eyes stuck blankly to the ceiling.

When she'd been here, her name had been like a sharp blade to him. He would always be on his guard around her, ignoring her as much as possible. But now that she was away, her name was like a necessity. Its sound in his mouth in her absence devoured all his power, making him feel completely energy-less.

Why was that?

After a while, Jacob's eyes fell upon his desk. He walked toward it, and stared at the piece of paper that lay on it. His trembling hands couldn't even hold it up.

'Divorce Agreement', he read in his head.

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