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   Chapter 1021 Let's Let It Go

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Emily licked the blood from her lips. She stifled the painful scream inside her throat and turned her head to the side. The pain in her heart was worse than the pain in her body. The tone of her voice belonged to a person who was obviously heartbroken and desolate.

"Jacob, just get it over with. Okay?"

Emily finally realized just how naive she had been. It had been foolish of her to think that Jacob would come back to her even though he had no recollection of who she was.

The man lying on top of her was no longer the man she had once loved. This man was nothing but a cruel and heartless monster.

Over the years, Emily had forgotten how cruel and cold-blood Jacob could be. After all, he had never shown her that side of him in the past. But now, it was obvious that he couldn't care less if his claws and teeth were hurting her. It was clear that Jacob no longer cared for her well-being.

Emily realized that it was time for her to give up on him...

The past few days started to play in her head like a movie.

The more she insisted on being with him, the more it felt like she was punishing the both of them. She decided to put an end to this suffering, once and for all.

Although she had her mind set on it, Emily still couldn't find relief. She felt like someone was squeezing her heart from the inside, and the pain was making it harder for her to breathe.

Emily was struck by a sense of self-loathing. She laughed at herself for being so hopeful and optimistic the whole time.

Cracking a momentary smile that bled with self-hatred, all of a sudden, her face went blank. Emily peered into Jacob's eyes, but she couldn't find a trace of love in them, only lust and conceit.

Emily broke into cynical laughter, feeling like a complete fool.

Suddenly, it occurred to her that she had been the butt of the joke all along. She had willingly thrown herself in the fire to keep him warm, but he didn't even acknowledge her sacrifice. The fire had burned her alive, and yet, despite her efforts, she still couldn't warm his heart.

The night grew late. The pale light of the moon was cold, but Emily's heart was even colder.

Although Emily had lost track of the time, it felt like her suffering lasted for a lifetime. Fina

to protect her from him.

He turned around and looked at the door. He smiled softly, reaching out to put his hands on the door gently. He felt as though he was touching Emily through the door.

This loving and affectionate look in Jacob's eyes was the one Emily was longing to see. What was different, however, was the guilt that was also clearly visible in them.

"What am I going to do with you?"

he mumbled under his breath. His voice was almost inaudible. It vanished with the smoke and left no trace. Jacob also left no trace for Emily to find out that he had come to her door looking for her.

Jacob stood outside her door until sunrise. By then, his legs had already fallen asleep, but he managed to drag himself back to his room. In just a few hours, there were dark circles beneath his eyes and his face was covered with the stubble.

His eyes were red because he had stayed up the whole night but they were still sharp and steady. He deliberately removed the ash on the ground by the tip of his shoes. After making sure that he had left no trace, he walked away quietly.

Jacob had been rough on her last night. From what he knew about her, he guessed that she was going to sleep until the early afternoon. Jacob kept tapping his finger on the steering wheel, seemingly in deep thought. After a while, he came to a decision.

Jacob wanted to do something nice for her, so he decided to take the afternoon off to bring her a bowl of her favorite millet porridge from Plum Garden.

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