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   Chapter 1020 Kiss Me

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Emily said as she whimpered. She had been squatting for a long time. Her legs were exhausted and gave up after a while. She soon collapsed onto the ground.

Jacob's eyes narrowed reflexively in an attempt to increase focus. His body reacted faster than his brain. He quickly reached out for her and held her in his arms right away without thinking.

Emily had prepared herself for the fall. She had been squatting way beyond her usual routine and was well aware that there would be dire consequences. However, she didn't feel any pain as she had anticipated. Instead, she felt weightless at first.

When Emily noticed that she was in his arms, she was stunned. She didn't even know where to place her hands.

She was, after all, in Jacob's arms. It could have been considered a normal event in the past. However, it seemed like a dream come true to her right now.



Emily struggled to hold herself up a little, but she couldn't feel her legs. She tried to talk but his lips were already touching hers. They were cold but gentle.

Her eyes beamed. Her body froze instantly. She lost sense of her surroundings. For a moment, all she could see and feel was Jacob.

The only thing she could think of was that Jacob was kissing her.

Jacob just couldn't hide his emotions anymore. They had been barricaded for a long time. All his emotions left his body like a gushing flood. Pain, care, love, and anger were mixed together into this long and passionate kiss. She had never felt more alive than she did right now.

He held her as tight as he could and kissed her as if it was their last kiss in their lives.

When he held her, he knew he had lost control of his heart. He was simply doing everything that his heart was commanding him to do.

He couldn't just watch her cry in front of him devoid of every emotion anymore. He had witnessed enough tragedy in life that he shuddered at the thought of having any.

He was afraid of the possibility that Emily might eventually leave him.


Emily regained her consciousness after a while and she pushed him away. She was blushing as her red cheeks showed. She gasped faintly as she stepped back. This kiss lit up the last bit of her hope. She looked at him and asked, "Do you remember something now?"

She wondered if some of his memories would have returned after the kiss. Emily felt that it was the only explanation for the kiss he had just given her quite unexpectedly.

"What on earth are you talking about? Isn't this the kiss that you always wanted and wished for?"

Her warm cherry red-colored lips suddenly turned coldly pale due to his resp

ating with Jacob. She seemed like a dead body.

Emily just stared at the celling without moving. Her eyes beamed. Tear droplets kept rolling down her cheeks continuously. Today, her honor had been violated by the most important man in her life.

Jacob was irritated. He didn't dare to establish eye contact with her. He just let go of her hand, held up her jaw and kissed her. Then, he whispered in her ear in his soft, sexy voice, "Kiss me!"

"Jacob, I am sorry..."

After many minutes of absolute silence, she opened her mouth. Her voice was husky and her face looked exhausted.

"Jacob, you have to let me go!"

"Kiss me!"

Jacob yelled and refused to listen to anything that she had to say. His gut kept on telling him that he was going to regret this event for the rest of his life if he heard it. Seeing the resistance on her face, he couldn't feel any worse. However, he redacted the immense pain back into his stomach and said, "Kiss me and I will let you stay!"

This was his only request. He had succumbed to this horrid level of self-respect. He feared Emily leaving him forever. He feared loneliness. He wanted to keep her around, even if that meant that she had to face all the danger, sorrow, and pain. He just selfishly wanted to be with her. He had become so self-centered that he couldn't think from anyone else's perspective.

It seemed that he was too afraid to be rejected by her. He took off the covers and forced himself into her.

It was dry and burning.

Emily could only feel the pain, absolute sheer, horrifying pain.

Her eyes closed shut because of the sharp pain she felt. Her body froze instantly. She felt like she was going to be torn apart. She had lost every last shred of respect she had had for this man.

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