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   Chapter 1019 Do Whatever You Want

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Lying on the couch, Emily closed her eyes from fatigue. Time passed by slowly. She didn't know what time it was when she heard the car engine roar outside the house. But she knew that Jacob was back.

She sat up straight and pretended that she was reading a magazine. However, her heart was beating fast, and she felt uneasy, nervous, and a little excited to see him. She tried to hide these feelings, but her gleaming eyes sold her out. Her emotions were laid bare on her face.

When Jacob walked in, he saw her weak and frail figure. He was stunned for a moment. The rage in his eyes had dissipated, and his eyes softened. However, before Emily looked up at him, he pulled a long face.

"I am... I am going upstairs."

Emily put down the magazine and stood up, but she didn't move with any real purpose. In the depths of her heart, she was hoping that he would say something to her.


Jacob finally said. The lights in the house were not on, and he stood in the dark shadows. Emily couldn't see his face, but his voice was cold and distant-sounding. She felt her heart hammering in her throat.


Emily's hope was rekindled. She quickly turned around. Her big, clear eyes were twinkling, and she couldn't help but feel anticipation.

"I am not going to work tomorrow. Please, be quiet in the morning!"

Jacob walked to the couch and sat down on it. He seemed bored and he was carelessly spinning a pen. However, his other hand, which he had clenched behind his back, was shaking.


Emily's slender body froze. The light in her eyes slowly died. Her red lips drained of color and became pale. She tried to say something, but in the end, she said nothing and only nodded.

It seemed that Jacob didn't plan to give her any explanation.

She tried to draw strength from somewhere deep inside her and keep her body straight. She gripped onto the baluster of the stairs and dragged herself up step by step.

"Oh, please, remember to hide your affair a little better. You are still my wife for now. Even though you don't feel any shame about it, I do care about my reputation. Okay?"

Jacob said coldly while Emily was still trying really hard to get herself upstairs. These few sentences, spoken so callously, crashed all her resistance and hop

!" Emily placed her finger on his chin and looked up. Her eyes were fixed onto his. Her sorrowful voice was nasal and penetrating. Her smile instantly disappeared as she screamed loudly all of a sudden.

It seemed that she was trying to scream all of her sadness and anger out, venting it out on Jacob.

"It's not the end of the world that you have lost your memories. But why me?! Why is it me that you can't remember?" Emily looked at his calm, dark, and cold eyes. Her heart was overflowing with pain. She slowly sank down and held her legs as she buried her head between her knees and cried, "Why can't you even remember our kids?

Do you know how desperate I felt when Beryl asked me where you were?"

His memory loss, his coldness, and Michelle's unwelcome appearance were pushing her to the depths of despair. Every step she took was squeezing a part of her life from her.

Emily really didn't know how they had ended up like this.

Now, she didn't even dare to touch him. She could only sit on the floor in front of him and hold herself.

Jacob clenched his fist hard. Seeing Emily curled up on the floor and crying by his legs, Jacob's dark eyes were suddenly not dark enough to cover his emotions. His heart ached like never before. His throat had tightened as if a giant hand was squeezing the life out of him, and he couldn't speak.

A rush of love swept over him and melted his heart, but he was only able to reveal his true self in her blind spot.

"I don't even know if you still love me..."

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