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   Chapter 1018 A Poor Woman Who Was Abandoned

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8806

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Jacob fidgeted hesitantly, fighting the urge to turn around and take Emily's delicate body in his arms. However, with amazing resilience and fortitude, he managed to resist the impulse to do so, but the effort took a toll on him, contorting his body with muscle cramps. Fortunately, his suffering didn't last too long as he regained his natural posture once the cramps dissipated a few moments later.

No one, including Michelle, noticed the unusual nature of Jacob's movements.

As soon as Emily steadied herself, Michelle came up to her with a straight face. Looking down at Emily with utter contempt, she said, "You're so weak! You'd better not go out at night or you might get attacked by ruffians. Just stay at home and take care of yourself!"

"You know what? You are absolutely right!"

Emily spoke flatly without even looking at Michelle. Luckily, it was too dark for Michelle to catch the expression on Emily's face. Only Emily knew what Jacob's indifference was doing to her heart.

'I was wrong... I've always cared about Jacob, but he doesn't love me anymore. He really doesn't love me!

There really is no point in keeping up with this. I should just leave... Save what's left of my dignity.' Emily had completely given up by then and she looked at Ray and said, "Ray, let's..."

"Watch your mouth, you cheap bitch! And Jacob, you're the most shameless person I have ever met!"

Suddenly, in a dramatic outburst, Ray rushed at Michelle, who was standing in front of Jacob, and violently pushed her away. Then, he drew his right arm back and punched Jacob in the face with all his strength.

Ray was so quick that even someone as well-trained as Michelle didn't have any time to react. When Ray pushed her, Michelle staggered back a few steps before she could steady herself. By the time she regained her balance, Ray had already delivered a blow to Jacob's chiseled jaw.

"How dare you!" Jacob screamed out loud, clutching his face.

Jacob had been so concerned with hiding his emotions from Emily that he didn't even see Ray coming at him until it was already too late.

When Jacob realized what had happened, he simply shook off the pain and stood up straight. Infuriated, he cast Ray a deadly glare with eyes that seemingly harbored no mercy or compassion. Furrowing his brows in a rage, Jacob clenched his fists and sprang at Ray.

In the blink of an eye, the two men were engaged in combat, grunting as they tried to wrestle the other to the ground.

Jacob threw his body weight behind the fist that edged closer to Ray's face, and it hit his jaw with such force that blood pooled into his mouth.

Let me drive you home!"

'They look like a loving couple, while I'm just a sad woman, rejected and abandoned, ' Emily thought sadly.

"All right, then..."

Emily nodded. She stared blankly at the direction Jacob's car had gone in until Ray drove up to her.

Along the way, neither of them said a word to each other.

One reason was that Emily felt guilty for getting Ray involved in a fight with Jacob. He wouldn't have been in this situation if it hadn't been for her. Secondly, Emily was so dispirited by Jacob's behavior that she didn't feel like talking to anyone.

When they arrived at Tyrone Mansion, Emily got out of the car slowly. Ray looked at her with worried eyes and said, "You... Are you going to be okay? I really don't want to leave you here alone."

"Don't worry about me!" Emily said in a soothing tone. After all, she didn't want anyone else to be involved in her complicated relationship with Jacob. "Ray... You're bleeding. Please, don't forget to go to the hospital!"

Emily was in no mood to think about Jacob at the moment. Ray's injuries made her feel so guilty that she couldn't stop blaming herself.

"Well, it's getting cold. You should go inside!"

Ray said with a bitter smile on his lips. He wanted to say a lot more to Emily, but he fell silent at the sight of her sullen face.

After saying goodbye to Ray, Emily went inside the villa. Having realized that Jacob wasn't there, she felt disappointed at once. 'Jacob must have gone to some other place with Michelle since he didn't come back here, ' she dreaded the thought.

The memories of what Jacob had said to her earlier came rushing back to her mind, sending her into a disheartened state. 'Did he... Did he go on a date with her?' she wondered.

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