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   Chapter 1017 Can You Tell

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Emily's hands shook uncontrollably inside her sleeves. She tried to maintain a composed disposition, despite the inner turmoil her insides were suffering.

If Jacob denied having a relationship with Michelle, Emily was not going to question him.

Emily didn't know when it had all started or how she had become such an anxious and suspicious woman. Perhaps it had started on the day she found out that Jacob had lost his memories. Her crisis had led her to become the kind of woman she always hated.

The next moment, however, all her hopes fell to the floor and shattered into a million pieces.


Jacob's simple response felt like a kick in the teeth. Emily felt pain shoot up from her heart to every cell in her body.

"We are going out for dinner. After that, we are planning to watch a movie."

Jacob deliberately averted his eyes to avoid making any eye-contact. In fact, he faced Michelle the whole time he spoke to Emily. He pulled Michelle closer to rub it in Emily's face, but only he knew how hard it was to hurt the love of his life.

Emily would have noticed his odd behavior had it not been for the unstable state of her mind. She'd barely had any sleep and due to her lack of concentration, she completely failed to notice Jacob's sham.

Emily made it seem as though she hadn't heard what he had just said, but the paleness of her face and the way she bit her lip told a different story. Nevertheless, she smiled and asked, "Movie? Aren't you coming back home? I can wait for you, so we can go home together!"

Emily had to give it another shot. After all, Jacob was the love of her life. She couldn't just accept what fate had given her.

She knew that creating a scene or drawing unnecessary attention would only make things worse. Besides, she didn't want to give Michelle the pleasure of watching her grovel. The last thing she had said to Jacob was a desperate measure for detaining him.

Although Emily kept smiling, the pain inside her was spreading like poison.

"I am not sure when I'll be back. There is no need for you to wait for me. You can just go without me."

Jacob's face was expressionless. He didn't even shoot her a pitiful glance. The words that came out his mouth were heartless and cruel. His eyes carried a darkness that c

uld protect Emily, even if it meant crushing her feelings like they were nothing. No matter what the cost, Jacob would pay it, just as long as his family was safe.

"What an ungrateful wretch! Jacob doesn't want to talk to you. Can't you tell?"

Michelle shouted at Emily, who was trying to get closer to him. Worried that Emily would see through Jacob's facade, Michelle blocked her way and sneered, "Who do you think you are? Do you really think that he still cares about you?" Suddenly, she pushed Emily when no one was paying attention.


Emily lost her balance as she fell to the ground with a shrieking scream, twisting her ankle on the way down.

Ray quickly ran over and held her in his arms. When he noticed that Jacob didn't even lift a muscle to help her, Ray felt overwhelmed by rage.

He looked down at Emily's tearful eyes affectionately. He knew how badly she wanted Jacob to come back to her. Forcing her head to face him, he stared at her and firmly said, "Emily, look at me! He has already forgotten about you! He doesn't care about you anymore! Can't you tell?"

Despite her unwillingness, Emily had no choice but to agree with him from the bottom of her heart. She was finally convinced that Jacob didn't care about her anymore. He only cared about the woman named Michelle now.

Emily smiled wryly. Her eyes had lost its glow and she had lost her hopes.

Unfortunately, Emily and Ray had no idea how worried Jacob was from behind Michelle's back when he saw her fall to the ground.

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