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   Chapter 1016 Jacob’s Aggressive Questioning

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 10276

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"Oh Emily, I have wonderful plans for tonight! How about..." Ray said excitedly as the two of them walked toward the exit.

He felt that it was both his duty and honor to arrange a splendid night for Emily. After all, this wouldn't have happened if everything had been on track. But before he could even finish talking, Emily stepped away from him. Puzzled, Ray hastily followed her and called out her name. "Emily?"

Emily halted abruptly with her eyes fixed somewhere. She felt like everything in front of her eyes was spinning. She had to shut her eyes and gasp for air, clenching her hands so tightly that her fingernails dug into her palms. A sharp pain pierced her heart.

The things people expected the least always came in shocking ways, sometimes clubbed with other miseries.

Emily saw Jacob and Michelle across the road, which only multiplied the pain she was feeling. At first, she had only spotted Jacob.

She'd been delighted until she saw Michelle. Michelle was leaning on him, clutching his arm, while he whispered something in her ear. Their beautiful faces and spectacular outfits had attracted not just Emily's attention but also the attention of the passers-by. She wondered if people thought that they were the perfect couple. Her eyes welled up at the thought.

She took a deep breath through her shuddering lips and opened her eyes. They still stood there, looking warm and intimate under the street light. Emily's heart bled as her eyes remained fixed on Jacob's smiling face. This was the way he used to look at her.

She was familiar with each and every shift in his expression, so much so that she could draw it with her eyes closed. But the good times had passed, and circumstances had torn them apart. It was no longer her who stood beside him. Another woman had taken her position, both by his side and in his heart.

It looked like Jacob had just cracked a joke. Michelle's hand covered her smiling mouth. Her smile was so sincere and genuine that it reminded Emily of blossoming peach flowers in early spring mornings. This was what a woman in love looked like. Jacob continued whispering something in her ear. Thrilled with joy, Michelle slapped her hand softly on his chest. Jacob, too, let out a loud laugh, enjoying her company very much, or so it appeared from the distance. Emily's eyes stung at the sight, and she wished she was blind. She wanted to walk away, but found herself paralyzed with disbelief and sadness.

"What an asshole!" exclaimed Ray, his eyes burning with righteous indignation.

He had seen where Emily's gaze was fixed. Everything seemed to freeze in an instant, except the whooshing, chilly breeze. Ray could hear a piercing sound in his ears. He gritted his teeth, already starting to head toward the two of them across the road.

"This man needs a tight punch!" he spoke through his teeth in a grumpy voice.

Finding them here was the last thing he'd have expected, but God had other plans. Ray had planned to take Emily out to have some fun, but it turned out that she had gotten more hurt. He fe

a secret affair. At least, that was what his words were implying. His throat choked every time he saw them together, especially after he had learned that Ray had never completely gotten over Emily.

Emily's body shuddered as he questioned her in that accusatory tone. It was her own self who had kept telling him that she loved him and that that would never change. She would stay by his side whether he could remember her love or not. But she was now out with Ray and he had caught her. She couldn't clarify the situation even with a thousand mouths. Finally, she lifted her head and looked at him.

"What? Are you deaf or dumb? Is there nothing you have to say?" Jacob asked again with a smirking face. His eyes looked intently at hers. He raised his chin slightly with a look full of contempt.

He pulled Michelle closer to him, and held her tighter. Michelle let out an exaggerated sigh and pouted her lips, sinking Emily's heart further into deep pain.

Jacob's stabbing questions and his intimacy with Michelle successfully brought Emily to the edge of collapse. She smiled feebly at Jacob, even though she wanted to run away and hide somewhere. She was completely blank, but continued to flash her teeth at him, suppressing the urge to cry out loud.

"That's enough, Jacob! Stop it now! You're killing her!" Ray shouted.

He could feel Emily's cold hand and shivering body. He blamed himself for bringing her out, because of which she had to go through this ordeal; but Jacob's ruthlessness couldn't be ignored. Ray, too, was trembling, but with anger.

If Emily hadn't stopped, he'd have knocked him down right when he'd seen him. Actions spoke much louder than words at moments like these.

"May I ask you a question, Jacob? I didn't know you were here, too," Emily managed to speak.

She put on a sweet smile and looked into Jacob's eyes. She wanted to know the truth, even though it would break her heart. She paused for a second, and then asked loudly, "Did you run into her by accident or did you actually ask her out?"

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