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   Chapter 1015 A Broken Heart

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 5868

Updated: 2019-11-06 00:02

It would have been him there with Emily instead of Ray if fate hadn't been so cruel.

His cold and steady gaze hardened. Having seen no romantic intimacy between Ray and Emily, the man slowly took his phone out to make a phone call. After what seemed like a very short conversation, he hung up as he walked away and left quietly.

Ray couldn't bear to see Emily like this. He had always known her for being a strong and independent woman. In fact, he had never seen her cry so hard before.

And yet here she was, a heartbroken woman, devoid of hope, all because of a man he detested with all his heart.

Emily had bottled up her feelings for so long that she couldn't take it anymore, and today her emotions had finally overpowered her. At first, she had thought that perhaps she would feel better if she allowed her tears to wash away her sorrows, but unfortunately, no amount of tears could wash away the pain that was engraved in her heart.

Although Emily was now in Ray's arms, she was still trying to maintain some distance from him. This obviously didn't sit well with Ray, but Emily remained resilient on her stance, especially because she considered him to be her brother.

"It is all right, everything will be fine..."

Ray didn't know whether his words were better suited for Emily or himself. He could feel a sense of exhaustion in his own hoarse voice.

"Thank you..."

After a while, she raised her hand and poked his arm. "I am sorry... for ruining your shirt," she whispered.

Emily's voice sounded a little hoarse as well, but it must have been due to the crying. She coughed to clear her throat, and when she spoke, she had the soft, nasal tone of a child. This only helped to increase Ray's concern.

"That's all right

your face mask first. I'll eat the steamed buns later!"

Luckily, Emily had given Ray a face mask for emergency situations, similar to the one they were in right now. After she managed to drag him out of there unnoticed, she threw away the buns when he wasn't looking.

Emily was certain that if she had eaten those steamed buns with Chinese chives stuffing, her mouth would be full of that disturbing odor.

"Are you sure you're okay?"

As they were leaving the restaurant, Ray still found it hard to believe that a strong woman like Emily could be that desperate.

"Stop asking me if I am okay or not!"

Emily yelled at him, stepping away to keep a distance. She feigned annoyance and said, "Don't you dare tell anyone about this!"

Although they weren't inside the restaurant, there were still a lot of people around them. Despite the fact that Emily had already asked Ray to put on the mask, he still got attention from many people. The intimacy between them would definitely make a headline.

Emily seemed like her old self once again—strong, decisive and optimistic. However, Ray knew that it was all just a part of her facade to hide her sadness.

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