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   Chapter 1014 A Good Chance To Cry

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The moment Emily stepped into the restaurant, she was welcomed with a warm greeting and an unrestrained smile from Ray.

Emily smiled back at Ray as she walked up to him. She passed by a long table that had all kinds of dishes spread out and most of them were Emily's favorites.

Emily's face was as pale as a piece of paper. Even the layers of makeup failed to cover the dark circles around her blood-shot eyes.

"Hey... Did Jacob hurt you?"

Ray asked, eyebrows furrowed with concern. He had already given up pursuing Emily. Instead, he regarded her as his sister now.

"No..." Emily shook her head and forced a smile, downplaying her honest feelings. She then explained, "I stayed up late to finish up some work. I am just a bit tired. Jacob wouldn't hurt me!"

"Really?" Ray raised an eyebrow at Emily.

His feelings of affection and concern for her could be seen just by the way he looked at Emily, which also explained his reluctance to believe what she had just said. Ever since he came back to China, he had deliberately made an effort to stay out of Emily's hair, but the news about Emily and Jacob had been reported in every newspaper in the country. There was no way he could have avoided it. However, since Emily didn't seem comfortable talking about it, Ray decided to stop asking more questions. He always wanted what was best for Emily.

Ray understood that things weren't going well at home for Emily. Nonetheless, Emily had no intention of baring her soul to him, having realized that Ray wouldn't believe her anyway.

They were both stuck in an awkward moment, equally afraid of addressing the elephant in the room.

"Would you like to try this?" Ray said, finally breaking the ice between them. He passed a small plate to Emily and passionately said, "This restaurant is known for this dish. You should at least try it once. I have a feeling you're going to enjoy this dish!"

Emily's lack of self-esteem and enthusiasm gave Ray a good reason to be concerned about her, but he was just an outsider. There was nothing he could do to understand or reduce her pain. All he could do now was to comfor

confidence. But now she looked like a person drained of all hope. The person responsible for killing her light was Jacob.

Ray had witnessed her changes during these days with his own eyes. Even after her feud with Dina and Tyron, Emily had seemed undaunted, but now, she couldn't even bring herself to eat a meal because she was so depressed about Jacob.

Emily could not stop crying in front of Ray. She lowered her head to cover her face with her hair because she didn't want Ray to see her in such a weak and miserable state.

Ray felt helpless as he watched Emily's body tremble, failing to contain her emotions. It seemed as though she was taking the chance to air out her grievances. Ray gritted his teeth, blaming Jacob in his mind. Then, he reached out and held Emily in his arms, like a supportive brother.

"Just cry and let it all out. But don't torture yourself!"

Emily had bottled up her sorrows for so long that she needed to vent at any cost. And Ray's words gave her the courage to cry in his arms. As a matter of fact, Emily forgot that she needed to keep a distance from Ray, completely disregarding the thoughts of the people around her.

She buried her face in Ray's chest, clenching her fists to her side. No one could hear her cry, but her body kept shaking. That alone was enough to break Ray's heart.

Little did they know that they were being watched by someone from the corner.

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