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   Chapter 1013 He Is Waiting For You

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8498

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"Go to hell! No..."

Emily was not going to be a substitute for anybody.

Her words were left unfinished. His kiss made her choke on the rest. She couldn't be more shocked. She couldn't believe that they had already slept together.

Jacob held her face and kissed her passionately. Even though she didn't finish her sentence, he knew what she was trying to say. He had been missing her day and night, and every time he kissed her, he just couldn't help but want her more.

He wanted only her, for now and forever.

Jacob had no one in his heart besides her. However, he couldn't tell her and risk everything that he cared about. The show had already started; he had to finish it, even though it strangled his heart to keep her at a distance and at times hurt her.

Thinking of that, he kissed her even harder. He bit her lips, invaded her mouth with his tongue and played with hers. She angrily bit his tongue, drawing blood. However, not even the taste of blood could stop him from craving her. He reached out his hands for her and roughly tore at her clothes...

"Uh... uh..."

Emily fought back as hard as she could. It might have been because of the smell on Jacob's body. It might have been because of the humiliating things he had said to her. It might also have been because of the anger and embarrassment she had been holding inside. She didn't want to be intimate with him. She didn't want to put up with his needs while her heart had suffered his torturing.

Her struggling irritated Jacob. Frowning, he used his right hand to pin her hands above her head. His left hand kept touching and groping her body. A sharp smell, which was a mixture of alcohol and woman's perfume, assailed her nostrils, making her gag.


A loud slap silenced the room. Emily was shocked. Surprised, she looked at her swollen hand and then at Jacob's face. Her handprint was etched on his handsome face.

She couldn't help but shiver. She had just slapped Jacob. Emily was in shock and denial about the fact that she had just slapped Jacob.

He was just as shocked as her. The burning pain on his face stopped Jacob dead in what he was doing. He licked the blood from the corner of his mouth. His dark and cold eyes fixed on Emily's face. He watched her expression turn from extreme panic to finally becoming calm.

The taste of blood instantly reminded him that he had almost hurt the woman he loved the most.


Jacob punched the wall behind Emily with his fist, needing an outlet for his anger and frustration. With t

ly hard to bury her sorrow inside her mind. She turned around and curled up on the couch. She closed her eyes and tried to hold her tears as she hugged herself in an attempt to soothe her aching heart. However, the tears still ran freely.

The night seemed to drag on endlessly...

When the morning sun shone into the room and lit the house, Emily was still lying curled up in a corner of the couch. Her face was pale and her forehead was knotted in a frown. She looked around and found that the room was just as it had been last night. She knew then that Jacob hadn't come back. It seemed that he really hated her then.

She freshened up and went to work. However, she was too dispirited to even greet her coworkers. The look on her face kept everyone away from her. They didn't dare to talk to her, lest they disturbed her further.

Before noon, Ray called her. He invited Emily to have dinner together with him. Initially, she didn't want to go. However, there was no one at Tyrone Mansion to have a meal with her. It would be better for her to take a walk outside than sit sobbing at home. Emily also felt a bit guilty towards him. When Ray had visited her in the hospital, Jacob had not been very nice to him, and she hadn't been able to speak with him then. Therefore, she agreed to go and have dinner with him.

After finishing her work, she took a taxi to the address that Ray had given to her. It was an exclusive recreation hotel. The first three floors were an array of restaurants. The higher levels were for activities such as spas and salons, as well as luxury accommodation. It was really nice and quiet. Emily's parched spirit felt relieved in this peaceful environment.

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