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   Chapter 1012 I Like Her

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7376

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'She is going to replace me... Then, what about me? I am your lawful wedded wife!

Do you still think of me as your wife?

Jacob, why? Why are you doing this to me?! How could you be so cruel? We aren't divorced yet! How could you just bring Michelle home? Is it because you can't remember me?!' Thoughts ran through her head.

"Jacob and I aren't divorced yet! This is my house! I will give you three minutes to get out of my house, or I will call the cops and report you for breaking into my house!"

No matter how nice Emily was, she would not put up with Michelle's rudeness over and over again. Emily's generosity vanished with her smile. Anything about Jacob easily irritated her.

"Emily, your perfect life is not going to last for long! I will be the only woman in his life after Jacob divorces you!"

Curling up one corner of her lips, Michelle smiled cunningly. But when she turned to Jacob, her smile became very sweet. Then, she said, "Jacob, I will go home now. I will see you around!"

Pretending to whisper to Jacob, Michelle spoke in a low voice, but it was loud enough for Emily to hear every single word she said.

Face darkening, Emily carefully took Jacob, who was drunk and unconscious, from Michelle. Physically, Emily was skinny and short while Jacob was tall and strong. When Michelle let go of Jacob, Emily tried her best to hold him. Unfortunately, Emily could barely keep her balance.

"Good luck to you!"

Michelle smiled, and it hid all the shadows in her eyes as she looked at Emily's troubled face. When her cold eyes landed on Jacob's arm which was holding onto Emily's shoulder tightly, an evil look flashed on her face. However, she didn't express it outside. Instead, she dropped a mysterious sentence and left.

"Jacob! Jacob!"

Wanting to take Jacob back to their room to let him have a good rest, Emily didn't have the time to focus on the meaning behind Michelle's words.

"Don't... Don't leave me..."

Frowning and grimacing, Jacob mumbled. Though his eyes were still shut, his voice was deep and gruff. He sounded desperate and sad. He waved his hands, looking like he was trying to call Michelle back.

Shocked, Emily froze in place. The onl

had turned out to be the weakest thing in the world.

"I am still your wife... Your wife is still me. Why do you want her? Why?"

Emily sobbed. She didn't understand what was happening between them. She refused to accept the facts in front of her. She struggled to find a good excuse that would explain everything. However, the pungent perfume on Jacob made her want to throw up.

Feeling Emily's sorrow, her painful words stabbed Jacob's heart like a sharp knife. If there was another way, he would not hurt Emily like this. However, he had no choice. Darren had met the people behind the black market several times. Even though the KING Group was in serious debt, Jacob knew Darren was going to recover soon.

Michelle meant nothing to Jacob. He was just using Michelle to put up a show for Darren. Having the same enemy, Jacob put up with Michelle despite knowing how Michelle felt for him. He would continue to do so until they took down their enemy.

"Do you want to know why? I will give you the answer then. I like her! Are you satisfied? Since you kicked her out and decided to continue to be my wife, I guess I have to put up with you then. Take off your clothes!"

Deep and dark were Jacob's eyes. His look and his tone told Emily how angry he was. Broken, Emily felt like she was drowning in the center of the deepest ocean.

When Jacob admitted that he liked Michelle, Emily felt her heart stop beating. Her blood and her whole body turned cold.

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