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   Chapter 1011 Self-Deception

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Chapter 1011 Self-Deception

"Emily, Jacob is determined to divorce you. Don't deceive yourself. Let him and yourself be free!"

a smirking Michelle said. She looked like a winner at the moment, but deep inside, she was very jealous of Emily. In fact, she was the one deceiving herself.

At least Emily had once been a part of Jacob's life and was still able to attract his attention. Michelle, on the other hand, was always ostracized, and was only thought of when Jacob needed something from her.

Emily raised her head and her bloodshot eyes were welled up with tears. Glaring fiercely at Michelle, she shouted, "I don't need you to tell me what to do. I'm warning you! You better stay away from Jacob! You never know what a desperate woman will do! And please get out of here. As long as Jacob and I are not divorced, this is still my home. I am the only hostess of the house, and you will always be the outsider!"

Michelle had come here this morning to talk to Jacob about Agni. She just hadn't expected to find Emily, who had had sex with Jacob the night before. After provoking Emily a little, she was on her way out since she had other things to do.

"You are such a madwoman. No wonder Jacob hates you so much!"

Though feeling resentful, Michelle left the Tyrone Mansion as soon as possible. Recovering from feeling such strong emotions, Emily sent Hunk and Louis a message informing them of her decision to stay at the Tyrone Mansion for a while.

Despite Hunk and Louis' reluctance, Emily stood firm with her decision. She ordered clothes and cosmetics from her favorite shopping mall, packed up, and headed straight to SL Jewelry.

Now that everything had settled down, she could not give up on Jacob. That included going back to work at SL Jewelry, for it was the most precious thing left to her by Jacob before losing his memory.

Emily's arrival at the company caught everyone's attention. During

Emily's vision.

Emily continued to wait for Jacob till late at night. The food was already cold. Since Emily didn't want to eat anymore, she threw everything into the garbage can and then went to her room.

At midnight, Jacob arrived at the Tyrone Mansion drunk, followed by Michelle. When Emily heard noise downstairs, she went down. What greeted her was the sight of Michelle pulling the already unconscious Jacob inside.

Stunned, Emily turned pale and her body began to tremble. She couldn't explain the mixed feelings she felt. But one thing was for sure. She felt so sad that she couldn't breathe. It took her several deep breaths to calm herself down.

In the midst of silence, their eyes met. It was as if they could hear each other's thoughts in the depths of their hearts mirrored in their eyes.

It took a long time for Emily to retract her gaze. She walked quickly to Jacob's side and said in a low voice, "I'll do it. Miss He, please leave!"

A gaudy smile appeared on Michelle's exquisite face. Fierceness flashed across her eyes. "No. I have been told by Jacob to ignore you if I see you, and that I am in charge here now!" she said in a voice so loud that it echoed inside the enormous villa.

With the sound of raindrops came the pain in Emily's heart.

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