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   Chapter 1010 Confrontation

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7234

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Tyrone Mansion.

Jacob knew that Emily had been poisoned. He had Emily examined by a physician, who assured him that she had been given an aphrodisiac. Instead of curing her with medicine, Jacob carried her straight to the shower.

Why bother with medicine when he could just as easily detoxify her? After all, they were a married couple.

"Jacob... Jacob..."

Emily's breath quivered in short, quick gasps every time she inhaled, cheeks burning with the flush of fever. Listening to her whimper and moan made it hard for Jacob to suppress his urges for he had been missing the touch and scent of her body ever since they'd separated.

The one-piece dress Emily had on was wet and stuck to her body, vaguely revealing the curves and leaving the rest to the imagination. Jacob, sexually aroused, found himself incapable of containing himself.

"Jacob, kiss me!"

Emily latched onto Jacob's collar and slammed her red, luscious lips onto his. Her kiss wasn't tender, but one steeped in passion that could set fire to one's soul. It was the promise of realness, of the primal desire that lived in all people.

Jacob was intoxicated by her kiss. Just her scent sent him into a trance, one that wouldn't end unless he could taste her body and suck her lips again. So he placed her in the bathtub and thrust his tongue into her mouth, his fingers caressing her body as she writhed in pleasure. This long and magical night brought the two old lovers back for an encore.

Jacob watched Emily fall asleep as he tucked her in and kissed her softly on the cheeks. He noticed her red, swollen lips under the light of the moon and he felt deeply satisfied.

After a while, Jacob stood by the window in the long corridor, holding a cigarette between his thin, long fingers. The wisps of silver grey smoke curled and danced their way through the thick, hazy air as if excited to escape the gentle pull of the chimney. He dropped the cigarette to the floor and put it out with the toe of his shoe before going back to Emily's room.

Jacob closed the door on his way in and paused to look at Emily's beautiful face in deep slumber. A hint of affection appeared mome

hate me so much? You asked me to marry you before and now you want to divorce me. Am I nothing to you?"


Why has the whole world turned against you and me?'

Emily's words came in choked gasps, but her tears flowed ceaselessly. "We cannot do anything about you losing your memory, but you can't deny me because of it! And you also cannot deny our children because of it! Even if we get divorced and you somehow forget who I was to you, the fact that I was your wife cannot be changed!"

They had been able to confront every hardship and every obstacle that life had thrown at them as a couple in the past. Then why was Jacob pushing her away now?

Jacob turned his back to Emily and sadness was apparent in his dark and clear eyes. It was not only Emily, but also Jacob, who felt heartbroken. However, he couldn't risk taking any chances because his informant had told him that Darren was well-connected with the black market. Jacob would have to be careful and calculative with his decisions if he wished to keep Emily and his children out of harm's way.

"I have no way of telling whether your words are true or false because I have lost my memory. Do you think it's fair to expect me to just take your word for it?" Jacob shook his head in disappointment and walked away without uttering another word. The only ones left were a sobbing Emily, and Michelle, who couldn't stop herself from chuckling at Emily's predicament.

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