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   Chapter 1009 Darren’s Proposal

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Jacob kept turning it over in his mind, weighing out his options and trying to envision all the possible outcomes. Finally, he decided to start the auction ahead of schedule. As with traditions, the auction was a necessity at the charity party. All the attendees were aware of it and had brought something to donate or auction off. When Jacob had come in, he hadn't come empty-handed. He had something special prepared for the night—49% of the shares of KING Group.

When the auctioneer announced that Jacob was going to put his 49% of the shares of KING Group on auction, all the other people sitting in the auditorium gasped and exclaimed in disbelief. And when the auctioneer showed them the agreement, they started to mumble among themselves, exchanging devious ideas with one another. Although both HT Group and KING Group were newly founded companies, their strength in the industry was plain for everybody to see. Now that Jacob held 100% of the shares of HT Group and 49% of the shares of KING Group, the entirety of Jingshi City would shake if he were to lift his foot and stamp the ground.

Meanwhile, Darren widened his eyes and then furrowed his eyebrows the moment the auctioneer made the announcement. He had almost had everything under his control, but he had made a fatal mistake and that mistake had sealed his fate. It was true that he owned only 51% of the shares now. The situation at KING Group had been sinking from bad to worse at a worrying speed, and having no other way out, Darren had had to sell the shares in order to keep his presidency. Although he had taken numerous precautions to prevent the shares from falling into the hands of a single person, there had been nothing he could do when Jacob had taken control. As a result, the situation unfolding in front of him was the last thing he'd ever wanted to see.

Not needing to think, half of the KING Group was now Jacob's, and if he wanted it, it would all be his soon, due to the recession it was confronting now.

Darren found himself in an extremely uncomfortable position. He stood up abruptly and left his seat as if there were nails on it. He looked around and walked over to Jacob when no one was noticing him. "What do you think you're doing?" he whispered into Jacob's ear.

The auction was going to begin in five minutes. Jacob's placid eyes, showing signs of neither pride nor excitement, were fixated on the large screen in front of him. When Jacob turned a deaf ear to him, Darren flared up at him for being disrespectful.

Darren gritted his teeth and clenched his hands in anger, but still failed to suppress his annoyance. Suddenly, he grabbed Jacob's shoulders and forced him to face him.

"Here is the deal! Just drop the idea from your head and I'll give Emily back to you!" Darren hissed from between his teeth. Things had changed in the blink of an eye, and as such, Darren wasn't able to prepare for it in time.

Darren had prepared a plan to humiliate Jacob. He had instruct

than the actual words he was using. Agni wondered if it would be better to fall in a bottomless pit or be Jacob's prisoner. He felt like crying but he had no tears.

Michele gasped in horror. Her astounded eyes widened and her mouth was agape.

It was just as she had suspected before—it was her master who had poisoned Jacob. Unfortunately, there was no way for her to get Agni out of this even if she wanted to. She dreaded to think what Jacob would do to him. Although she believed that Agni deserved it, he was the one who had brought her up and trained her ever since she was a little girl. Michelle couldn't just sit aside and watch Agni get killed.

"Darren, you'll regret this!" Agni hissed in anger. Just a moment ago, Agni had been doing his best to ensure Darren's success, but now his boss had abandoned him without a second thought for a better deal.

Meanwhile, Darren had turned away from them and moved towards the door. He paused when he heard Agni and said, without looking back, "Agni, in your line of work, you should have expected this to happen sooner or later. It's nothing personal. Please just learn to accept it. If you want to know where you went wrong, you should blame yourself for not killing him in the first place!"

That was just how life was. The winner would take all, while the loser would lose all. They learned that lesson the hard way through their own experiences, both Darren and Agni.

Michelle walked over to Agni slowly and looked into his eyes. The usual bright glow her eyes had when she looked at him before was gone; now, her eyes were dark. She sighed and said, "You've chosen the wrong way, my master. There is no turning back now. One false move and everything is lost!"

Without pausing for another moment, Michelle turned around and left. Agni watched her walk away, but he didn't see the single drop of tear in her eyes.

"Ariel!" he shouted. Agni's voice trembled miserably, but Michelle didn't look back at him even once.

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