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   Chapter 1008 The Charity Party

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At the charity party of HT Group

Emily spent the whole afternoon torn between two choices: should she go to the party or not? Eventually, her wish to see Jacob won and she decided to go without telling Hunk and Louis.

The hall where the party was held was covered with all sorts of gorgeous decorations. All around her, Emily found thousands of flowers, all scented. The ceiling was studded with bright lights and exquisite chandeliers. As for people, she was surrounded by complete strangers. She looked around for a while, looking for a familiar face. Tired and disoriented, she climbed a step, and scanned the crowd for Jacob.

"Mr. Gu is coming! Mr. Gu is coming!"

The words stirred the crowd. Emily could hear someone calling Jacob's name faintly, which made her unusually nervous. Would he know she was here? What if he wasn't expecting her and seeing her disappointed him?

It was this ambivalence that she was tortured by until Jacob finally appeared. He entered the party with Michelle by his side. She walked with a beaming smile, holding his hand as if he was a trophy she was proud to have. Emily's eyes welled up at once. She did not even try to resist as the tears flowed down her cheeks.

It was Jacob who had told her that he hated Michelle, and that he would never accept her love. He had said with such conviction that he would never express his gratitude to her by getting involved in a romantic relationship with her. Why then had he showed up at a public occasion with his arm in hers? Emily's heart broke as Jacob's words resounded in her head, which were now nothing but echoing lies.

She stared at the two of them with blurry eyes, and wiped her cheeks. No one could deny from their personas that they were a couple. Looking at them walking so intimately, she couldn't help but let out Jacob's name in a soft, broken sigh.

The sparkling light from the chandeliers lit up Michelle's smiling face. She greeted everyone warmly, never for once leaving Jacob's side. But it was worth noticing that his face was distant and cold. He kept to himself, and only shifted his eyes when he was called.

It was after a few minutes that his eyes fell upon Emily. Their eyes met momentarily before Emily turned around and left in a hurry. Jacob's heart ached as her thin figure dissolved in the crowd. He had

, and the imprinted streams of tears on it. Her throat was tightening, and her body was getting warm with nervousness.

She had been looking for Jacob on purpose, but how had he found her among so many people? Had he known she was coming?

She had been afraid that he would throw her out of the hall, given his extremely high temperament. It was because of this fear that she had hidden herself out here.

Inside, Jacob managed to excuse himself from Michelle somehow. He then went to Sam and told him that he had seen Emily earlier. Sam tried to look for Emily everywhere, but couldn't find her.

Jacob clearly remembered what Darren had said to him and how Emily had been hurt. The thought made him plunge right into a sense of dread.

"Darren, where is Emily? Why hasn't she come?" Dina was solely focused on finding Emily. All she wanted was to watch a good show.

"She has come and has been taken away by my men. Jacob has sent someone to look for her. He says he doesn't care about her but it's clear he's extremely anxious. Hunk and Louis will never forgive him if they find out Emily disappeared because of him,"

said Darren with a sinister smile. His deep, dark eyes were glinting in a way that only a devil's would.

Darren didn't dare hurt Emily for the fear of Hunk and Louis. However, there was one man who was under his control, and that was Agni.

The party had already begun, and Emily was nowhere to be found. Sam stood lost, flabbergasted. Only one possibility came to his mind. Emily had to have been hidden by Darren.

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